Family rooms are great for relaxing after a long day and they’re also a great location for fun and down time with the family. Normally, a family room has a good supply of seating, a television, maybe a game console for entertainment and quite possibly even a fireplace for late night down-time. However, after a while, a family room might feel a little stale and need a little help getting itself back to what it once was. If you are looking for ideas or upgrades that might help, perhaps these can remove the stale feeling and add a bit of flair and life to your living room.


In today’s culture, you might think computers drag family members away from the family room, but more often, family members are finding that adding technology to the family room makes it a place where everyone bonds. For example, by ensuring you have either an internet connection (ideally wireless) may just result in more time spent in the family room than in other rooms in the house, like the home office or even bedrooms. And, if you are wireless (or even wired for that matter), how about a SMART TV, or Apple TV as part of the mix as it creates a great opportunity to ensure all family members can watch something they enjoy as most everything is now available online. You’ll have options like NetFlix, Hulu and even YouTube which can be a great way to view demonstration videos (Rainbow Loom comes to mind) or even music videos that the whole family can enjoy.

Bright Ideas

Lighting is very important in any room and that includes the family room. Some extra light might add to a room’s ambiance, and it will bring new energy to weeknights and weekends. Adding a few lamps, and re-arranging the furniture to create a reading area might help, or even adding dimmer switches to lower the light for movie time might be a good idea. Depending on what you are trying to do, there are different lights for every occasion as well. For example, low light incandescent lamps are often better for reading, and create more of a cozy glow. However, as availability of some types of lights is now limited as new types of bulbs (energy efficient) become available you may need to do a little research to see just what’s right for your application. By doing so, you’ll come across things like Cree bulbs, which have been developed with energy efficiency in mind while still emitting a soft glow that is perfect for reading.

Foot Space

Yes, we said “foot space”! Understanding an ottoman’s true purpose, and taking advantage of its different functions, can be very helpful across a number of different occasions. For example, if you plan on having a lot of guests, you may want to use your ottoman as an extra seat; or, even remove it to have extra space. Or, if you are spending time with your family, perhaps using your ottoman as the “table” for board games might work well. Any way you look at it, don’t overlook the importance of your ottoman, or footstool. Buy something that is appropriately sized for its space and use it according to your needs as alternate seating, a table or even something that can be easily removed to create more space.

Be Comfortable

When it comes to family rooms, most homeowners think about comfort. That warm and cozy feeling of an area in the house that is meant to gather, spend time and relax. However, as sofas, love seats and recliners get older they might seem stale and uncomfortable, right? Right! But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to bring comfort back to the family room. Adding some new sofa fabric, or springing for some new blankets and cushions may be all you need to do, at least until your budget allows for something more extravagant. Soften up those hard spaces and make it comfortable; you’ll enjoy it for the short term until you are ready to do something more extravagant.

Clean Up

Simple, a clean room is an inviting room. Sometimes, the best results come from good and old-fashioned cleanups and getting rid of some of the things that are no longer used, or simply no longer fit your lifestyle. By reducing clutter, the family room’s total space will feel bigger and you’ll free up space to move things around, like your furniture or recliners.

So, if you are finding that your family room is a bit stale and you need to do some upgrades, remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it more inviting and functional. If you have any ideas you’d like toadd, please do so by adding to the comments below. Our readers are always looking for simple, affordable ways to make a difference.

Article and insights provided by Brooke Chaplan.


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