2014 Kitchen Renovation Trends & Recommendations

by Guest Author on July 25, 2014

When it comes to kitchen trends, renovations and recommendations, 2014 might be remembered as the year when short-lived fads gave way to trends characterized by their staying power. The hottest kitchen trends in 2014 are those that let you customize your kitchen so that everything works in harmony, express your personal tastes through the use of quality products and materials, and designs that make sense, stand out and last forever.

Clean and Contemporary

In 2014, the trend for kitchen design is less about unnecessary ornamentation and more about understated elegance; which is a reflection of raw materials, style and quality. This is reflected and supported by the National Kitchen and Bath Association; whom every year conduct a survey of professional designers to identify the year’s stand-out trends. And, as expected, at the top of the list for kitchen trends in 2014 is the rising popularity of contemporary over traditional styles. The clean lines and uncluttered surfaces of contemporary design are sure to make food preparation, storage and cleanup easier and more convenient.

Custom Cabinet Trends

In 2014, cabinetry decisions as part of your kitchen renovation goes much further than simply choosing a door style, handles and color with the hopes that putting up some pre-manufactured hardware will all blend in and fit perfectly. According to the Halifax NS kitchen renovations experts at Mike’s Country Kitchens & Woodworking the trend is to take a whole-room approach that ensures that every kitchen component works in harmony. Homeowners want to view computerized renderings that let them envision the space before committing to a custom cabinet installation. Cabinets that are tailored to fit the precise dimensions of your kitchen offer a fully integrated style that’s hard to match in sophistication and are quickly becoming industry standard.

Natural Stone Countertops

Next to cabinetry, countertops are among one of the most important focal points in a kitchen. It’s critical to choose a decorative style that either stands out or blends in with other elements of your home. Natural stone still leads the pack in trending high-quality countertops, with granite and quartz running neck and neck in popularity. The durable material not only offers the practicality that home cooks want but has the style and sophistication that discerning homeowners prefer as well.

High-Tech Trends

Energy-saving appliances are in more demand this year than ever before, but the hottest high-tech trend is to make it easier to use electronics in the kitchen. Docking and charging stations for smart phones and tablets are being incorporated into kitchen renovations in 2014 as are built-in flat-screen televisions. This is something that will eventually become standard as technology becomes a greater part of our lives. So if you plan on renovating your kitchen in 2014, have a look at incorporating technology, efficiency and even a sense of entertainment if possible.

As the kitchen in a home is more than just a place to cook, it’s important to recognize that retrofitting may not be the best option for a kitchen renovation. And for style and functionality, 2014 kitchen trends seem to be in line with a long-term approach. Clean, contemporary, functional and fun are key elements to kitchens moving forward and the use of quality materials are sure to ensure your kitchen offers you everything you’re looking for with a style that will endure the test of time.


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