Want to boost your home’s curb appeal without breaking the bank? No problem. Here are 8 ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal with very little effort and very little money. Whether for sale, or just for you, a home with nice curb appeal is welcoming for you, the homeowner, visitors or even potential home-buyers.

1. Paint your front door

This quick project can add a fun pop of color to your house and to the overall curb appeal of your home. By painting it a jaunty color that draws the eye, you can make your front door the focal point of your house’s façade.

2. Install window boxes

Another charming way to spruce up your home’s curb appeal is to add window boxes underneath your front windows. Plant flowers with blooms that will go nicely with your house’s color and make sure you keep the flowers fresh for all seasons. Quick tip: make sure window boxes are in reach so that it’s easy to water your flowers regularly.

3. Tidy up your garden

Even if your house looks amazing, it can be hidden behind a scruffy garden. Weeding out unwanted plants and trimming unkempt hedges can make your house look much nicer in just an afternoon. Pulling down vines that cling to your walls also ensures they don’t damage your home’s exterior.

4. Paint your trim

Repainting your house’s trim can lend your house a whole new look and boost it’s curb appeal without repainting the whole house. You can paint it in a contrasting color to lend your house more pizazz, especially if you have a house with a lot of interesting trim details.

5. Add an Arbor

If you like the look of ivy or other vines, you can have an arbor or a trellis to grow vines on, instead of letting the vines grow up the sides of your house and damage the walls. With a bench under it, this could be a nice shady place to relax and give your home a warm, cozy, friendly feeling from the curb.

6. Replace your garage doors

If your garage doors looks like every other garage door on the block, you may want to consider changing them in order to give your home a unique feel. There are a wide assortment of garage doors available with unique styles.  If you need some ideas, The Garage Door Co Ltd. could be a good resource for you.

7. Add Symmetry

Adding symmetry is easy: just think balance.  If you add something to the left side of the porch, make sure to balance it on the right with something as well.  For example: matching pots, plants, lights etc. might do it. The trick is to ensure that whatever you do add, is either subtle or bold; depending on whether or not you want the eye drawn to it as a focal point, or if you want these elements drawing attention to a different focal point of your home.

8. Add Lighting to your Paths

Adding lights along your walkways can make all the difference in how your home looks at night: i.e., your home’s curb appeal at night. Small lights, either electrical or solar powered can definitely add to the appeal of your home.

Article and insights provided by Karleia Steiner.


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