4 Budget Busting Remodeling Traps to Avoid in the Kitchen

by Guest Author on June 19, 2013

There are many aspects of design to consider when you begin making plans to remodel a room in your home. You definitely need to determine a budget for the project, and then you need to decide where to make your largest investments. Being well informed about the return on investment that a kitchen makeover has to offer and making decisions that are appropriate for your home can help you implement some kitchen design ideas that will result in you successfully staying within your budget and still bring to the life the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.


Many kitchen makeovers involve replacing the cabinets. Unattractive or outdated cabinets do not necessarily have to be removed and replaced. That alone can be a budget breaking endeavor. If the cabinets in your kitchen are strong and sturdy, you can update them by changing the hardware, refinishing, staining or painting them white, a cabinet color that has had a 20 percent increase in popularity since 2011. You can also add cabinet organizers to the interior of the cabinets and under cabinet lighting to make your cabinets more impressive and spacious.


Although new appliances are almost an essential part of a kitchen update, buying them can take a large portion of your budget. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing new appliances. Over customizing a kitchen can be a huge mistake. For you, an over-sized refrigerator, double ovens or a cook top with extra burners and a grill, might be appealing, but for an average homeowner those items would be above and beyond what they need.


Selecting material for your countertop is also a common project when remodeling kitchens. Before you spend more than your budget allows for whatever material is currently trending, keep in mind that trends change. The counter top material you select should be something that will still retain its beauty and durability for many years. Although granite may be something you see in a lot of kitchen updates, concrete, wood, glass and counter tops made of recycled material are also attractive and often more budget friendly. Also, don’t dismiss laminate as an option. A lot of progress has been made in the aesthetic appearance of laminate.


The condition of your floors also has a large impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Once again, you do not have to install the most expensive type of flooring in order to achieve an attractive updated kitchen that increases the value of your home. In fact, choosing a type of flooring that dramatically contrasts with the flooring in other rooms can be a decorative mistake. The material you select should be compatible with the architectural styling of your home and the general type of housing in the neighborhood. For example, an expensive natural stone tile floor would look out of place in a medium priced housing area. Cork, bamboo, vinyl and linoleum are some of the more budget-friendly flooring options for a kitchen. Durability is also an important factor in choosing flooring for high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

It’s easy to fall into a variety of money depleting traps when you are involved in a remodeling project. Set a budget and remain committed to it. Be sure to consider the cost verses the rate of return on the investment when you are making decisions that involve high priced items. Although selling your home may not be in your immediate future, there may be a time when you do put your home on the market. Therefore, it is best to refrain from making major renovations that are customized for your lifestyle. Bring in your personality with design aspects that a future buyer could easily change.

About the author: Alex is a writer, husband, father and aspiring urban fantasy novelist. When he isn’t writing for HomeDaddys or completing chores from his “honey- do” list, he’s most likely spending quality time with his wife and kids or working on his novel.

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