4 Different Things Your Furniture Choice Says About You

by Guest Author on March 5, 2014

Is your personal style easy to read? Do others believe they have you pegged? Sometimes we’re assessed by the clothes we wear, our hairstyle, or the car we drive. These things say a lot about our personality. And yes, your furniture choice says a lot about your personality, too. So, what is your furniture style and what does it say about you? Read on . . .


With its beautiful dark-stained woods with elegant style, traditional furniture is rich with historical furniture design influences. Ball-and-claw feet, intricate-carved wood, and decorative details maketraditional furniture very elaborate with a formal feel.

What traditional furniture says about you?

You are practical, you enjoy structure and formality. Even so, you are very nostalgic and are captivated by design that is timeless. Because of the luxurious nature of traditional furniture, you want to impress those you welcome into your home.


Function is the focus with Contemporary and Modern furniture. Furniture designs are sleek, clean and simple using materials like metal, chrome, glass and leather. Sometimes contemporary and modern furniture is inspired with a retro feel.

What does contemporary/modern say about you?

Friends see you as having it all together. You are uncomplicated and gravitate toward simplicity. Even with your fondness of simplicity, you are trendy and have kept up with current fashion styles.


Casual is the old transitional. Sofas and chairs are plush and sometimes slipcovered. Woods are warm-toned or rustic-looking. Think of a room soft and comfortable and furniture you can melt into. Casual furniture compliments daily life.

Are you casual?

You are laid-back, unpretentious and like to live comfortably. You want to feel relaxed in your home and you want friends and family to feel that way too.


Eclectic furniture is mix of styles, finishes, fabrics, textures and colors . . . the old with the new, the solids and the patterns. An eclectically decorated room uses a mixture of non-traditional furnishings with everything coming together to make a beautiful collaboration.

What does an eclectic taste tell your friends?

You like to make a statement and do not conform to conventional rules. Free and diverse is your approach to life.

Our furniture choices are most certainly a reflection of our personality. Not only is it a type of communication of who we are, but it is also a way to exemplify how we want others to see us. And although the way we choose our furniture and the reflection it gives of our personalities may not be on purpose, it’s a good way to reflect and see who we really are. Discover your personality and style at the Reno Furniture Store.

Article and insights provided by April Labarron.

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