4 Ideas For Turning Your Home Into a Tropical Oasis

by Guest Author on May 13, 2013

Is your idea of the perfect getaway visiting a tropical paradise? If laying back, soaking up sun, and swimming in crystal clear waters surrounded by beautiful greenery is your idea of the perfect vacation, you’re not alone. But who says that you have to spend a fortune every year to stay in a resort away from your home just to experience all of this? If you really want to live the life, turning your home into your very own tropical oasis is the answer. Here are 4 ideas to consider to turn your boring backyard into a tropical retreat:

1: Start with a Stone Walkway

A concrete walkway is the last thing that you’ll see when you’re in a tropical oasis. The first step to turning your outdoor space into an oasis is to get rid of the industrial walkways. To do this, use wood chips and natural stones to pave a walkway from your home to your oasis. Once it’s surrounded by lush greenery, you’ll see just what a difference the walkway makes.

2: Hire Landscapers

Planting all of the layers of lush greenery and foliage that you’ll need can be hard work. If you want help choosing the best plants, orchids, and wildflowers, you should hire landscapers in Perth to help with the project. Professional landscapers will identify which plants will thrive, and which plants should be avoided. Tell them that you’re going for a tropical vibe and they’ll be more than happy to help layer different types of plants and accents.

3: Bring in the Butterflies

You can’t simply catch butterflies and expect them to stay in your oasis. If you want to attract butterflies and bird, plant a large mass of wildflowers in a location where the creatures won’t be a nuisance. Your landscaper should be able to tell which flowers are known to attract these winged creatures.

4: Water Feature

The sound of moving water is soothing. No oasis is complete without a water feature. If you have a budget, you can build your own waterfall. If you don’t want to create a garden waterfall, consider investing in a fountain that will still make a dramatic touch.

A tropical oasis is beautiful and tranquil. By following these tips, you can turn your outdoor space into one that you truly want to spend time in. Feel like you’re going on a retreat every time you go in your yard and take pride in the oasis that you helped build.

About the Author: Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger from Eugene, Oregon. Along with her passion for writing about real estate and fashion, Jayla is a huge outdoor enthusiast and spends her free time hiking in Oregon’s many national forests.

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