5 Backyard Updates to Complete before Winter Arrives

by Guest Author on September 13, 2013

Updates to a backyard can take all summer long. Some homeowners put off certain projects almost until the end of the season because of a lack of time. Winter changes the soil and the behavior of different materials. It can also cause trouble with unfinished projects. Five backyard updates should always be completed before winter arrives.

Install Water Features

Any water features being installed in the yard should be completed before winter. Leaving the ground open will cause the frost line to drop in the area. This could make it more difficult to complete a pool or pond when warm weather returns. Additionally, an excavated hole for a pool will collect snow and ice over the winter. The melting ice and snow can saturate the ground, kill plants and potentially cause water damage to structures.

Raise a Shed

Anyone who has been preparing to erect a shed in the backyard should finish before winter. Cold weather will cause the moisture and the soil in the ground to shift throughout the season. These slight movements could actually damage a permanent foundation without the weight of the full shed for stability.

Refinish a Deck

A deck that needs refinishing could be affected by the cold, bad winter weather and even salt carried in boots from the roads. One of the best ways to get this update done before winter is to contact professional deck contractors who specialize in refinishing. Refinishing the deck will provide added protection from moisture and other types of damage that could occur in the winter. It also creates a much more attractive appearance during clear days.

New Fencing

Updating the fencing in a backyard is something that should be done before winter. Fencing around a yard provides more than simple privacy during winter months. New fencing will act like a barrier that keeps cold winds from reaching the house. The fencing reduces drafts in the home potentially lowering heating bills.


Any updated landscaping such as adding perennials, pruning branches or mulching plants should occur before winter starts. Plants are affected by the cold. Attempting to landscape when winter starts will harm trees and shrubs. The cold can also kill perennials over winter if there is not enough time for new plantings to become established in the soil.

It is always important to consider how cold temperatures and winter weather will affect the parts of a backyard. Excavated areas provide a way for moisture to get deep into the ground and cause problems. Cold temperatures can also damage some building materials if they are not taken inside or used to complete a project.

Article and Insights provided by Hannah Whittenly.

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