5 Essentials to Check in Your New Home

by Guest Author on September 18, 2013

If you are buying a new house, then there are a few particular items that must have an inspection. Many of the most expensive fixtures are ones that are hard to see without really looking. However, for many buyers, these items are actually the ones that make the home livable. Individuals who have previously rented an apartment, or house have probably never even thought about these fixtures.


Of all the things essential to survival, water is at the top of the list. New homeowners should check to see if their pipes are in good working condition, as not having running water in a building makes it unlivable. There are water pipes visible in bathroom and kitchen cupboards that can provide an idea of age and condition. It is a good idea to inspect other pipes for age and condition before making a home purchase.


An important part of a home that is difficult to view is the roof. Very few perspective homeowners climb on a ladder to see if a roof is in acceptable condition to keep out rain and snow. Before shopping for a house, individuals will need to do some homework on understanding how to inspect a roof. The previous homeowners may be able to provide more information on their own house as well.


Home shoppers typically visit buildings during the day, and never turn on lights. Before placing a home on the market, surface fixtures such as switch plates and socket covers are often replaced. The new fixtures give perspective buyers the impression that wiring inside the walls and ceilings is in perfect condition. Hiring an electrician to check wiring before making a bid is a good plan.

Water Heater

Having an efficient new water heater in a home can assist with lowering utility costs. Old units are often poorly insulated, and filled with mineral sediments causing a higher use of gas or electricity to heat water. At the same time, a homeowner will want a unit the appropriate size for the number of people occupying a home.

Climate Control

Maintaining a proper temperature in a home is vital for the comfort of everyone who lives there. Before making a home purchase, it is important to verify that air-conditioning and heating systems are functional. Having climate control units cleaned and repaired is necessary to ensure there are no dangerous carbon monoxide emissions.

After inspecting various fixtures in a home, buyers can make an informed decision concerning a bid. Any items that require repair or replacement should be considered in the cost of the home.

Article and Insights provided by Brooke Chaplan.

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