5 Handy Home Repair Apps

by Guest Author on July 15, 2013

Spring has passed and summer is here, and for many of us the warm weather and summer showers have created a laundry list of home repairs to complete. Winter tends to take its toll on our houses from busted pipes to too much time closed off from fresh air, but spring and summer can bring their own issues. After all, how can you enjoy that summer movie with a leak in your roof during a summer shower? Whether you like to DIY your home repairs or call a professional, here are some apps that can help.

1. Yelp App

Yes, Yelp is great for finding out whether a restaurant really does have a shake worthy of being called world famous, but it can be just as effective for learning about home repair experts too. Simply type in “handyman” or “plumber” into the app’s filter box along with your location, and you will be given a whole list of local repair people. Each listing should have several reviews and experiences from local customers to help you determine who to call for your home project.

2. RedBeacon

Do you prefer having someone else do the sorting work for you? RedBeacon only lists approved businesses who are known for giving quality service. RedBeacon will help you to match a needed repair with an approved business and will even help to set up appointment times. The app allows you to put in a repair request, complete with pictures, to be sent over to the worker you choose. Reviews are also available on this app for those who want to double check the quality of a potential service. RedBeacon can be limited in its usefulness as it only covers certain cities in the U.S.

3. DIY Survival Guide

Planning on tackling something on your own? Get some tips and advice on how to do it the right way with this handy app. Simply type in a few key words on the search page, and the app will bring up a page of advice. The information pages provide clear step by step instructions on how to handle an issue and lay out any tools, warnings, or other items you may need to know to be successful with the project. The great thing is, once your home repair is complete, you can use the app for any other project you want to work on too.

4. Multi Measures

Need to take a quick measurement, find a stud in the wall, or make something level? The Multi Measures app turns your phone into an all inclusive measuring tool. The app allows your phone to function as a ruler, protractor, a surface level, a plumb bob and a teslameter, which turns the device into a metal detector. The app can also measure decibels to determine volume should you ever have the need. In other words, amaze your friends with your impressive toolbox.

5. Finding HOME and Hardware

Need to buy supplies? This app will direct you to local hardware stores. This app can also come in handy should you be on the road or in an unfamiliar location and find yourself needing a tool or some hardware.

About the Author: Laurie Newton is a professional blogger that shares advice on home improvements and do-it-yourself home projects. She writes for RoofResolve.com, the retail website for the Roof Resolve roof cleaning products.

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