6 Interior Design Styles for Perfect Home Lighting and Decor

by Guest Author on May 14, 2013

Most of us have a preferred home design style, but not all of us can afford an interior decorator. It can be difficult to know if the lighting and décor we’re selecting for our house will fit with the existing furnishings.

Below is a list of 6 popular types of decorating styles and their shared lighting and furniture elements to help you find the style that best suits you before you buy:

1. Contemporary—

A modern design known for elegant simplicity, Contemporary décor is made for the minimalist. If you prefer an open floor plan, with a somewhat sparse and uncomplicated design, the uncluttered and airy vibe of contemporary design is perfect for you.

Flow is important, and most Contemporary furniture is designed with this in mind, using natural materials and clean, smooth lines. Curves keep this style from appearing too stark, and unobtrusive lighting in chrome or sleek shapes is recommended.

2. Rustic Modern—

If you’d like to warm up your Contemporary design a bit, Rustic Modern involves using more natural materials to soften the straightforward lines, such as wooden, plant or glass elements.

An example of this might be a raw and unfinished-looking reclaimed wood kitchen table placed in juxtaposition against smoothly polished concrete flooring, or glass lighting such as blown glass chandeliers warming up bare background.

Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to the neutral colors generally associated with Modern style, as color can look striking against the slightly sterile canvas of Modern design.

3. Traditional—

Also known as Classic, this is a timelessly elegant form of interior design that many people adore simply because it makes them feel so comfortable.

Depending on the era you’ve chosen for your furniture, traditional design can give homeowners a sense of belonging and nostalgia that newer, unfamiliar furnishings can’t deliver.

Rich, deep colors, such as jewel tones are popular with this style, with plenty of luxurious and patterned fabrics. Oriental rugs are commonly used with this design, and the lighting most often associated with Traditional décor would be chandeliers, brass or metal fixtures and lamps.

4. Colonial—

Sometimes also known as Country decorating style, Colonial involves furnishings that look like they were made in the 17th century by English craftsmen.

The Colonial look features one-of-a-kind pieces that appear sturdy and well-made, with special artisan touches that keep them from looking straight off the assembly line.

Colonial-style pieces are occasionally mass produced, but they will be detailed and not appear to be easily assembled. Sometimes also called Federal or Neoclassical style, chandeliers and iron fixtures mesh beautifully with the well-built furniture of this interior design mode.

5. American Craftsman—

This style is most commonly associated with the Bungalow-style homes built in the 1900s by those tired of the extravagant, frivolous and over-decorated look associated with Victorian homes.

Simplicity and strong, clean lines are associated with the Craftsman interior design, often also associated with Mission-style furnishings.

Keep all colors muted, and home lighting fixtures basic and functional to stay within the parameters of this popular design style.

6. Antique—

Antique interior design is a favorite of collectors, and those who love to find unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with history and character.

This style can also be transitioned into a modern design often called ‘Shabby Chic’ for those on a budget that won’t allow the purchase of expensive antique furniture.

A favorite among Eclectic designers as well, antique design features anything that catches the eye and fancy of the decorator, and works well with chandeliers, lamps and any lighting with an old-fashioned flair or timeless quality.

Hopefully, this guide of different types of interior designs will help make your home lighting and furniture shopping a bit easier. Now that you’ve figured out your favorite style, you should be able to decorate with perfect pieces, fabulous light fixtures and all of the exquisite elements that will make your house feel like home.

About the Author: Danile Milton is a professional blogger who specializes in providing information on mold inspection and mold removal. He writes for Indoor Restore Environmental Services, a leading home restoration and home repair company.

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