7 Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent when Building a Home

by Guest Author on January 24, 2014

Some buyers prefer to simply deal with a builder instead of a real estate agent when they are having a home built as there is a common misconception that hiring a Realtor when building a home is unnecessary. It’s not legally required, however, having a qualified Realtor will actually make the process much easier. Here are six benefits of working with a real estate agent when building a home.

It’s Free

The cost of hiring a real estate agent is included in the purchase price of the newly constructed home. That means that the Realtor is essentially free for the buyer to use. It will not cost them a dime to hire one, making it a no risk proposition. If they do not hire a real estate agent, the extra money simply goes to the builder and in a lot of cases, there are specific real estate agents available to use at any build site.

Hiring a Realtor Will Lead to a Higher Quality Design

Many builders do not consult with a qualified architect when constructing a new floor plan for a home. A reputable Realtor will insist that an experienced architect be consulted before construction begins. The buyer will benefit from a higher quality floor plan and will likely also ensure that a private inspector is hired during the build process, to ensure that all mandatory, unbiased, inspections are completed.

The Buyer Needs Someone to Represent Their Interests

Builders do not represent the person or persons whose homes they are building. They only represent themselves, and their own interest, not the buyer’s. A Realtor is the only person who will represent the buyers themselves. They can help you do research on the area and prices so you can be sure to get a fair price as well as make good decisions on upgrades and other features that might be of interest for a specific area.

They Get Buyers A Better Contract

Realtors will carefully review the contract between the buyer and the builder. Without a real estate agent, the buyer may not receive a contract that is best for them. It is much easier to review the fine print with an experienced eye to help. Buyers will often sign a contract right away because they are so eager for work to begin. A reputable Realtor will work with the buyer to carefully consider every aspect of the contract first. You’ll want to know the different types of warranties your home has and what is protected.

They do the Research for You

If you don’t know much about real estate or are a first time home buyer, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed trying to get information about builders, locations and mortgages. A real estate agent is very familiar with the area and the programs available. For example, if you are in Oklahoma, your Realtor would likely be able to help you identify interior designers to help out, other builders you may not have considered, contractors for special requirements or even get you in touch with companies or services that can help you get a home loan if that is what you need.

They Will Keep Detailed Documentation

Realtors will create and maintain detailed files about the builder’s work and actions, including information about the home and available upgrades. While buyers could do this on their own, hiring a Realtor will save them the time and trouble. The files that real estate agents keep will be crucial if there is any question about the builder’s performance.

They Conduct a Comprehensive Home Review

Realtors will accompany the buyer in a walk-through of their new home and will carefully scrutinize the building for anything that needs to be improved. Similar to contract negotiations, the Realtor may be able to spot things that the buyer would not have noticed until it was too late. Sometimes a buyer will find a building flaw months later and the builder will no longer cover the flaw because they sold the house “as-is”. These are all things to take note of in your contract and things that your real estate agent can help with.

Building a new home can be both an exciting and stressful time in a person’s life. Rather than spending your energy stressing over every little details from finances to home inspections, hand over some of the work to a Realtor. You won’t pay any money out of pocket and you might just find things are moving along much more smoothly than they would if you were doing it all yourself.

Article and insights provided by Kandace Heller.

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