Building Your Home: 5 Designs to Consider

by Guest Author on September 16, 2013

Building a house is the dream of many homeowners. There are far more considerations to think about than just purchasing a set of plans, or hiring an architect and contractor. Many people want to design their own homes; an architect can certainly help with drawing up plans that are practical and result in a building that passes code inspections. By keeping the following design considerations in mind, you can have the home of your dreams.

Number Of Stories

If you are building a house in a neighborhood full of single-story houses, a two or three story house will tower over the others and look out of place. In this case, choosing a different place to build, or a single story house design will allow your home to blend into the area. Local code inspectors can advise you about height or square footage restrictions; this will save time by not having to rework or draw new plans. Be sure your current occupants don’t mind the stairs and there won’t be problems with them.

Unconventional House Shapes

A growing number of homeowners want to live in uniquely shaped buildings such as geodesic domes. Other unusual types of homes include converting shipping containers, or airplane fuselages into homes. Not every neighborhood or community will welcome unconventional houses. Checking building codes before purchasing land will allow you to begin building as soon as you can. When you live in a more rural area, you will be able to have more freedom when designing the exterior of your house.

Style And Size Of Your Home

The style and size of your home will depend on your needs. A couple with one or two children may be overwhelmed with something the size of a large three story house, while a homeowner who entertains large numbers of people frequently may be frustrated in a single story ranch house. For the greatest versatility, you could design a home that will allow you to add on extra space as you need it.

Budget And Building

Staying within your budget is not always is as easy as it sounds. Remodeling during construction and design changes adds to the cost of the project. More than one home-builder has abandoned a project for lack of funds. Listen to your architect and contractor for their advice. They can help you stay within your budget and still have the home you want.

Eco-Friendly And Green Houses

A new trend in home building is eco-friendly and green houses. Using sustainable and energy efficient building materials, you can have a home that uses little power, and is inexpensive to heat and clean. Zero energy homes have solar and wind power that provide electricity for the house, which uses no grid power at all. These houses cost more to build, but cost nothing to heat or cool.

Roofing Options

There are several options for today’s homeowners when it comes to the crowning glory of homes. You can choose from ordinary asphalt shingles, metal, PVC, rubber, composite, clay, slate and wood. Some materials are coated with UV reflective materials to help your attic stay cooler in the heat. Commercial roofing in Indianapolis can handle any type of material you select. Coomer Roofing Co. technicians can help you choose the material and color options that will make your house perfect.

Take the time to choose the style, design, and type of house you want to build. With your plans in hand and the right place to build, you can have your dream home.

Article and Insights provided by Brooke Chaplan.

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