Working With Real Estate Agents

House Closing: The Things You Shouldn’t Forget To Look For

September 23, 2014

Okay, we know you are excited about closing on your house.  Getting the keys, filling in the final paperwork and finally being done with the whole house buying process.  But, when your new house is closing, there are a bunch of things you should remember to do, and check, just to make sure during your [...]

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Working With a Real Estate Agent

September 2, 2014

Many people today have focused interests in a few areas in life with less knowledge in others. But, the thing we can pretty much agree on is that we have limited understanding of the world of real estate, unless we’re working in it or are buying and selling properties all the time: which most of [...]

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Three First Time Home Buyer Tips

June 17, 2014

Here you are: on the web! And, that’s exactly, and most likely, where your home search will start. With a wide array of websites and listings available on the net, you’ll be able to search around and get a good feel for what’s out there in terms of available properties and houses for sale. With [...]

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Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent? Pros and Cons of Real Estate Agents

May 2, 2014

If you are currently thinking about selling your home, you may be wondering whether you should do it by yourself or hire a real estate agent. Here are a few pros and cons you should consider before hiring a real estate agent and why you still might find that hiring a real estate agent is [...]

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Buying Real Estate: How To Win In A Competitive Offer Situation

April 22, 2014

There is a good chance that you won’t be the only one to notice when an attractive home comes to market. And, if you do find that you are in competition against others for the home of your dreams, it’s important for you to be prepared and ensure that you can win in a competitive [...]

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8 House Buying Tips That Might Make Or Break A Deal

April 15, 2014

If you are looking to buy a house, it’s certain that you’ve already done a lot of due diligence to determine what might work for you: size, cost, and other items on your top 10 list. Beyond that, it’s important to think about the short and long-term plans you have: are you going to be in [...]

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