Double Check These Three Things Before Moving In

by Guest Author on June 18, 2013

Congratulations! You have purchased a new home and are eager to move in. Before getting too excited about your upcoming move, there are three things in your house that you should be sure to check. It is much easier to take care of these items before you are actually living in your new home.

Heating and Cooling Systems

It is important to have your heating and cooling systems inspected before you move in to your home. You don’t want to wait until it gets really cold outside before finding out that your heating system is not working correctly. Also, for safety reasons, you should get your furnace checked for carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide can be deadly, and it does not have a smell, so you would not know if you have a leak.

Your cooling system should also be inspected. It is preferable to get any repairs done right away, instead of waiting for the repair person in the sweltering heat of summer.

Heating and cooling professionals are very busy during peak seasons. It is a lot easier to schedule an inspection before an emergency happens.

Gas Hookups

Your furnace, water heater, stove and dryer may be powered by natural gas. Any appliance that is powered by gas should be checked for gas leaks before you move in. You might not be able to smell the gas, if the leak is small.

If there is a gas leak in your home, the gas could build up before you move in. A gas leak can be dangerous if you turn on the appliance. Just turning on a light near a gas leak can cause an explosion. Don’t take chances with your family’s safety.

Plumbing System

Get your plumbing system thoroughly inspected before you move in, as well. The previous homeowner may have made some repairs that are not up to code. These errors could cause larger plumbing problems if they are not caught in time.

A professional plumbing inspector can check for leaks, even in hidden places. He or she can make sure that your plumbing system is properly vented. The inspector can also test your water quality to make sure your drinking water is safe from contaminants.

Call someone like Mike Tilton Quality Plumbing & Heating before you move in. They can help to make sure the important systems in your home are working correctly and safely. This way, you will sleep better once you are living in your new home.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that usually writes about home and family issues.

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