Finding a Home is Now about Lifestyle, Too

by Guest Author on May 23, 2013

The mantra of real estate has long been “location, location, location”. This mainly had meaning to realtors, and what the mantra means is that a big, gorgeous property won’t sell for as high a price in a less-desirable location as it would if it were placed in a more desirable location. Whatever the inherent value of the property is, its sales price — its market value — will rise or fall depending upon where it’s located.

Beautiful homes located in a flood zone or on the edge of a town that has become run-down and crime-riddled, for instance, aren’t as valuable in the market as those very same homes would be in a drier and more elevated areas or safer and more attractive neighborhoods. Consumers have often taken the trade-off of buying a great home in a lesser demographic or geographic setting for the sake of getting a lower price, however.

But as a potential home buyer with access to today’s technology, you can go far beyond discussing location with realtors. Now, your mantra should be “lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle”, of which location is only one part.

The Home Selection Process Has Gotten More Precise

Home buyers these days want their everyday needs and desires to be considered — not just impersonal possibilities like flooding, or low-brow neighbors moving in. And with the real estate apps that have been developed for our online, technologically advanced 21st century civilization, this consumer dream has become reality.

As a consumer who is a potential home buyer, what may be some of your everyday needs and desires with respect to the place where you decide to live? There are myriad possibilities, some of which may be:

●     How highly rated are the closest charter schools?

●     Is the home located in an upbeat university town?

●     Is the home located in a place with a great sports scene?

●     Would it be feasible for me to bicycle to work?

●     Is there mass transit, and if there is is it highly regarded?

●     What is the after-work life like in the vicinity?

●     What are the local restaurants like?

●     How accessible are interesting and fun things to do on weekends to get out of the house?

●     Are the locals generally well-educated and concerned about having good taste?

●     What is the overall cultural atmosphere in the area like in terms of things like “hipsterness”, trendiness, the arts and music scene, how late the people generally like to stay up hitting the town, and so on?

●     How accessible are local merchants such as supermarkets, automobile repair shops, clothing stores, furniture stores, hardware stores, and so on?

●     What is the local economy like?

●     What are the seasonal variations like?

●     Are local conditions good for keeping a garden?

Historically, pinpointed considerations like these were subsumed by geography and price. It usually proved too difficult, too costly, and too time-consuming for the usual person to compile sufficient data to make a lifestyle choice when buying a home. Today, that has changed. There are apps available which allow you to plug in trait after trait of what you desire in your dream-place, and then have the best possible home matches for you called right up and placed at your fingertips for your informed consideration.

While there isn’t really any “perfect” place to live, today you can optimize your happiness and satisfaction in your home buying choice, and do so rapidly and with ease. Your unique individuality and family matters can be realistically thought about in greater detail and incorporated more precisely into your real estate buying decision than anything that was possible in the past.

These days, you can live the way you want to as readily as you can live where you want to.

About the Author: Josh Erickson is a professional blogger providing real estate investment information and cash flow real estate. He writes for American Real Estate Investments, a leading source for finding USA investment properties.

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Mark Hide May 25, 2013 at 1:35 pm

Great article with some great points. Buyers opinions are definitely shifting.


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