Five Extras Home Buyers Are Looking For and How To Apply Them

by Guest Author on August 9, 2013

The housing market has experienced ups and downs in recent years. However, today’s homebuyers appear to consistently gravitate toward a number of home features. Any home that offers these features has a distinct advantage in the real estate market and is likely to provide a number of offers and a quick sale.

Energy Efficiency Appliances

Homebuyer’s understand the long-term savings that energy efficient appliances and systems offer for their family budgets. They look for heating and cooling systems that utilize energy more efficiently and protect the environment. They also want energy efficient kitchen and laundry appliances that use less energy and water resources. If you have these desirable features in your home, make sure that they are clearly stated in your real estate listing.

Up-To-Date Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and homebuyer’s look for kitchen areas that offer a good expanse of counter space for working, energy-efficient appliances and plenty of eating area. Remodeling your kitchen to make it more up-to-date is a good way to attract interest in your home and recover your remodeling costs through higher sales offers. Features such as range-top hoods, kitchen islands and walk-in pantries are also popular options for buyers.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Today’s homeowner enjoys entertaining at home. Outdoor kitchens, barbecues and eating areas are still popular features. Outdoor decks are highly favored among homebuyer’s for their entertaining possibilities. Deck railing should be solid and securely attached for maximum safety. Attractive foliage and appropriate lighting set the stage for many good times with family and friends. Ensure that your listing shows these features to their best advantage.

Privacy and Security

With many houses being built on compact lots that may be close to other homes, providing privacy can be especially important for entertaining, relaxing and children’s playtime. Fencing also makes a clear delineation of property lines and gives additional security for children and pets. In Utah fence installers can offer a variety of materials that fit well with your particular home design to provide the ultimate in privacy and security.

Community Amenities

Today’s homebuyer’s are conscious of the high price of gasoline and look for homes in communities that have a number of amenities within walking or biking distance. If your community offers a community pool, exercise classes, a town center or nearby parks, you have a distinct advantage in the real estate market. Ensure that these amenities are mentioned in your listing.

Article and insights provided by Casey Haslem.

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