Five Home Selling Tips For The Modern Age

by Guest Author on September 10, 2013

The people looking to buy a home today have different wants and needs from the homebuyers from just a decade ago. Some traditional features have fallen out of favor especially with younger buyers. Successfully selling a home today means making some changes to meet these new expectations. Five tips will help with selling a home in the modern age.

1. Modernize Kitchen Appliances

Modern homebuyers want to see updated kitchen appliances in a house. This means replacing ovens, range tops, refrigerators and dishwashers. A major selling point for many people is seeing unusual appliances such as an indoor grill, plate warmers or a wine cooler under the counter that make cooking and dining more fun.

2. Install Network Lines

Most new homeowners will be using the Internet throughout the house. A home is more attractive if it is ready for service with network jacks in each room. Network jacks should appear in bedrooms, the kitchen and the living room or den. The jacks all connect back to a central location where they get service from a central router the homebuyers install.

3. Create a Virtual Tour

It is a good idea to use a digital camera or video recorder to create a virtual tour of the house. This allows people who cannot make it to the home to see the features of the property. The tour should be just a few minutes long and feature a walkthrough of both the interior and exterior areas. The tour can be posted online or given to a real estate agent to distribute to potential buyers.

4. Add a Home Automation and Security System

Home automation and security systems make a home much more attractive to modern buyers. A home automation system allows a person to adjust the lights and temperatures in a house from a mobile device. It can also control entertainment components in a home theatre. Beyond that, a home security system makes the house much safer for the family from the moment everyone moves in.

5. Maximize Living Space

Homebuyers in the modern age are looking for as much living space as possible. Large garages and empty attics for storage are not as popular anymore. Taking the time to convert an attic into an extra bedroom or a garage into a den or workshop can make the home more attractive.

Successfully selling a home today is very much about presentation. It is important to remove family pictures, quirky personal possessions and obtrusive furniture when showing the house. These items make it harder for potential homebuyers to picture the house as belonging to anyone but the current owners.

Article and insights provided by Madyson Grant.

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