Five Tips to Help You Choose The Right Furnace Repair Man

by Guest Author on September 9, 2013

You are bound to experience a problem with your furnace at some point in time. An exceptional repair man has the tools and skills that are required for repairs. There are many qualified repair men currently looking for customers, but it is important that you take measures that will help you select someone who will provide you with quality results. Let’s take a close look at five tips that can help you choose the right repair man.


How much experience does the prospective repair man have? This is the first question that should be asked during the initial screening process. It would be a grave mistake for you to hire an inexperienced repair man. Inexperienced repair men are well-known for misdiagnosing furnace issues. This can lead to unnecessary and costly repairs. Furnace experts encourage homeowners to hire repair men who have at least seven years on the job.


Proper tools will always be required for furnace repair. A good furnace technician will has an expansive tool set. Taking a quick glimpse at repair man’s tool kit can help you determine if he or she has the tools for the job. An excellent Alexandria furnace contractor will always bring their entire tool set to the job.


How many referrals does the prospective repair man have? You should always ask for referrals before making a final selection. A reputable service technician will have at least five solid referrals. You can check out the credibility of the referrals by simply contacting the individuals on the list. Each referral should be able to share specific details about the prospective repair man’s performance at their home.


A professional repair man will always have a license. You should ask to see the repair man’s license when he or she arrives at your home. An authentic license will have the company’s business name, address, and phone numbers. A distinctive number should also be on the license.


Does the repair man have insurance? This is another vital question that should be addressed before making a final selection. The repair man’s insurance will protect you from any injuries that can take place while he or she is working. The insurance will also protect you from any potential damage that could occur while repairs are being made.

You will experience a problem with your furnace at some point, no doubt. Following the tips listed above can help you choose the right repair man for the job.

Article and insights provided by Rianne Hunter.

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Furnace Repair December 5, 2013 at 2:13 am

As the furnace gets older, one should compare the cost of repair against buying a new one. One should use the upfront cost and ongoing repair costs to determine if it is more viable to continue repairing it or if it is time to replace the furnace. High efficient furnaces cost more initially but the utility payments are normally very low.


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