Five Ways to Create Some Personalized Curb Appeal

by Guest Author on June 25, 2013

Your home’s exterior offers visitors their first impression. This should represent your own unique style and charm. One of the best first steps to enhancing curb appeal is to look at your home’s exterior objectively and ask yourself what feeling it invokes. After that, you can take steps to make your home feel more welcoming and represent your lifestyle.

Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor decorations are one of the easiest ways to customize and beautify your home’s exterior. Choose a specific style or theme that matches the tone you want to convey. For example, if you want your home to send a playful message, choose decorations such as colorful metal bumblebees, ladybugs, birds and fairies. For a more stately appearance, choose classic statuary, such as lions, grazing deer and stone benches.

Creative Walkways

Bare concrete or plain brick walkways are functional but lack character and charm. Increase curb appeal by using elegant pavers, stained concrete or stamped concrete, instead. Attractive stone or brick edging helps walkways stand out. In lieu of edging, plant shrubs to create a natural outline.

Do not be afraid to use different hues or to mix textures when using pavers. Design it on paper first and then search for the right pavers to match the look.

Decorative Mailbox

Get rid of your boring old mailbox and replace it with one that is more elegant or whimsical. If you are feeling extra creative, or your budget is tight, keep the old mailbox but give it a custom paint job. Any craft store will carry paints suitable for metal or wood boxes. For extra personalization, use a stencil to add your monogram to the mailbox.

Outdoor Lighting

Curb appeal should not be confined to daylight hours. Add unique outdoor lighting for nighttime charm. Solar powered lights are often more convenient than wired lights, as they can be placed anywhere. Use them for illuminating walkways, entryways and statuary. For antique charm, choose old-fashioned lampposts.

Update the Door

Your home’s front door gives a first impression of the rest of your home. Make the impression a good one. Either you can add a brand new door that is more beautiful than the current one, or you can update the old one by re-staining or painting it and adding an interesting doorknocker.

These examples should give you a good start at enhancing curb appeal. If you feel overwhelmed, remember that you can make the changes in increments – in most cases you have time to budget and add new things over the course of a year, rather than all at once.

Article and insights provided by Annette Hazard.

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