Five Ways To Improve Your Yard This Summer

by Guest Author on June 12, 2013

Having a beautiful yard that is well-kept and tidy enhances the home dramatically for an attractive house in the neighborhood. Even with the heat in the summer, it’s still possible to improve your yard in a few simple, affordable ways.

1. Enhance Your Lawn

The color and quality of your yard’s lawn makes up the majority of the overall appearance. Give it a boost by tilling up the lawn and adding fertilizer, which will also help to repair yellow stains left from pets. Fertilizer that is applied into the soil of the grass will ensure a brighter lawn that thrives within weeks. Be sure to apply fertilizer every few weeks for consistent growth.

For patches where the lawn is missing or has died, replant the area with grass from unwanted areas in your yard. As long as the roots are still intact to the grass, the plant is transferable and will begin to regrow in the new area.

2. Add Some Decor

Furniture shouldn’t only be used indoors. Add a touch of warmth and personality by adding an attractive bird bath, fountain, or cozy bench. You can put this in a garden or even on the porch. For yards with flowerbeds, adding an arch will add curb appeal and create an attractive feature that will make the yard more interesting.

If there’s a large tree in the yard, add a swing or hammock that is both enjoyable to look at and fun to use. The yard will have a unique feature that stands out from surrounding homes.

3. Add a Touch of Color

Typcial plants are beautiful, but can easily blend in with each other. Add depth and character to your yard by practicing your green thumb and planting new heat-resistant flowers. The bluebeard shrub, butterfly bush, and calibrachoa hybrids all adapt well in the summer and will make a house look like a home.

4. Scare Off Unwanted Pests

The fastest way for a yard and garden to lose its beauty is by pests and animals. Between gophers that dig up the yard to weeds overtaking your flowers, Pest Control Milwaukee will ensure that critters aren’t moving in.

5. Remove Clutter

Kids toys and tangled hoses left on lawns can quickly diminish the look of a lawn. Just as you’d tidy up the inside of your home, it’s equally important to keep your yard clutter-free for a simple area that is beautifully kept.

About the Author: Annabelle is currently a loving and caring mother of two children. She lives outside of Milwaukee, WI and loves cheering for the Bucks and Badgers. She is a blog enthusiast and loves writing, if she is not writing she is cleaning up after her two lovely angels.

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