Hardwood Floors Add Value and Help Homes Sell Faster

by Guest Author on May 24, 2013

Hardwood floors add class and panache to your home. While it may seem like a big investment, when it comes time to resell your house, hardwood floors are one thing that can get buyers excited.

How Much Will Hardwood Floors Enhance the Value of My House?

How much value hardwood floors add to your home depends in part on where your home is located. For example, if you are in a humid climate where floors warp easily, hardwood floors may actually be a liability. If you are in an area of historic homes, hardwood flooring is expected, and a well-maintained floor can add dollars to the sales price.

Should I Leave Carpet in the Bedrooms?

Actually, bedrooms with carpet don’t sell better, especially if your bedroom has a lovely area rug. Hardwood flooring adds warmth and a homey feel to bedrooms. The best plan is to have wood flooring throughout the home.

What About Maintenance?

Today’s hardwood floors are made to be easy-care. The hardwood is sealed to protect against spills and scuffs. Even though you still shouldn’t routinely mop a hardwood floor with water, a quick lick with a damp mop once in awhile doesn’t harm these tough floors.

What Else Should I Consider When Deciding on Replacement Flooring?

If you plan to be in your house for quite a while, hardwood is the way to go. Carpet will wear out and probably have to be replaced before you sell, where hardwood will stay beautiful and may only need a good buffing and waxing to accentuate its beauty. Carpet and tile go out of style after a few years. Hardwood never does. If you’re simply fixing up for resale and want a fast turnover, hardwood may not make you more money, but it will get your house off the market faster.

Overall, installing a hardwood floor is an investment that can’t go wrong when you consider resale value. When given a choice between a house with hardwood floors or a house with tile or carpet, most buyers preferred the hardwood. There is just something about the look and feel of natural wood that says “home.”

Doug Kitchens is a professional blogger that provides news and information for real estate buying and selling. He writes for Roche Realty Group, the top source for Crystal Lake Real Estate for sale as well as other locations in New Hampshire.

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