Home Renovations: 6 Improvement Ideas To Beautify Your Home

by Guest Author on October 25, 2013

Making your home beautiful will not break your budget if you plan carefully. You can work on one project at a time, as funds, materials and time permit. Your home can become the showplace of the neighborhood with these 6 improvement ideas to beautify your home.

Clean Up Clutter

A home and yard full of clutter looks uncared for and sloppy. With self storage in New Orleans, you can securely store all of the items that are taking up space without being used. Store out of date clothing, toys, holiday decorations, sports equipment and anything you do not need. Some of the items may come back in vogue later. If you need some help finding storage in your local area, you could try The Storage Center.

Plant A Border

Planting or building a border for the driveway or walk is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home. Small flowers, such as pansies, miniature roses or tiny hedges give your home a warm and inviting touch. Adding a concrete or metal edging gives a more formal look depending on your home’s style.

Update Your Home’s Paint Job

Over time, the elements have a cumulative effect on any home’s paint. Colors fade and paint can crack, allowing moisture to seep in and rot the wood. Chip off and sand any loose paint, repair any damage and paint your home in colors that complement your landscape and style. Your home’s color is the first thing people use to compliment or criticize your home. Do not leave out shutters, entry doors or the garage door.

Update The Outdoor Lighting

Instead of dealing with outdoor electrical wiring and equipment, you can improve the looks and security of your house by going solar. Solar lights are widely available in a huge assortment of sizes and styles. Solar powered, motion activated security lights continue to work during power outages as well as look good. Solar powered garden lights in the shapes of birds, butterflies and other critters enhance your landscape.

Update Your Home’s Hardware

Interior and exterior hardware can make a home look tired and worn. Upgrading is a simple job once you decide on a style and color. Create a vintage look by shopping online or at used building supply stores for crystal doorknobs; update cabinets for a modern look with new pulls, knobs and hinges.

Clean Up The Landscape

Remove dead shrubs, leaves and branches from your landscape. Reseed dead patches in the lawn and fertilize according to the species of grass or ground-cover you have. Kill any weeds and trim the lawn against curbs, walkways, fences and the house.

Article and insights provided by April Labarron.

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