Home, Sweet Home: The Six Safest Cities for Raising Children

by Sundaybell on August 29, 2013

Just because you are planning to have a family, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your preference for living in a city. Many folks feel like living in a city is not safe for children, but there are in fact many cities that are quite safe for little ones. Here is a look at the six safest cities in which parents can raise their children and still enjoy the culture and excitement that a city provides.

Madison, Wisconsin

This quintessential college town is home to the University of Wisconsin. It is full of great cultural opportunities due to its liberal college atmosphere. The people are friendly and it is the kind of place where parents can feel comfortable with their kids riding their bikes around town without experiencing any danger.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a very big city that has all of the cultural amenities that one would expect from a thriving metropolis. It also has one of the best education systems of any big city in the country. Although it does have some neighborhoods that can be a little rough, for the most part it is a very safe city for children to live in.

Burlington, Vermont

This is a place where kids can live an old-fashioned childhood. There is lots of snow, farmers markets, tree-lined streets and parks everywhere. This is an idyllic setting where parents will feel that their children can grow up perfectly safe.

Minneapolis, St. Paul

The Twin Cities are one of the best metropolises in the country in which to raise a family. They have all the wonderful restaurants and cultural benefits of living in a big city, but the metropolis has expanded smartly with a lot of green spaces that create a very pleasant environment.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

The capital of Wyoming is a wonderfully safe place to raise a child. As the least populous state in the nation, Wyoming avoids much of the crime and other problems that cities experience in other parts of the world. Parents can also take advantage of the stunning natural beauty that surround the city.

Portland, Maine

This beautiful city is home to one of the best education systems in the nation. There is a very low crime rate for a city of its size, and it has the kind of feeling of community that is rare to find in most cities in this day and age.

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