How Many Real Estate Agents Should I Interview?

by Sundaybell on November 3, 2011

All too often people don’t take the necessary time to interview enough real estate agents before making a decision. People tend to want to skip this time consuming process and just hire the first agent that’s recommended to them, or call the number on the biggest billboard in the neighborhood. But hiring the right agent can make all the difference when you’re buying or selling real estate.

The importance of choosing the right real estate agent cannot be overstated, and the more selective you are, the better suited your agent will be to deal with your particular needs. Remember, just because an agent comes highly recommended or has a good track record, doesn’t necessarily make them the right one for you.

Winding up with the wrong real estate agent can be costly and detrimental to your sale. Switching real estate agents mid-transaction is just one more headache that those engaged in a real estate transaction can do without.

There are many proven ways to find real estate agents, but sometimes the decision can be overwhelming.

Because circumstances differ, there’s no real set number as to how many real estate agents one should interview before settling on a candidate. Ideally, one would continue interviewing real estate agents until they find someone they feel comfortable with, who understands their neighbourhood, their needs, and proves themselves a good fit.

FACT: Statistics show that on average, most people will interview 3 real estate agents before deciding whom they want to work with. The question is, is it enough?

If that ideal agent comes along in the first interview, consider conducting a few more interviews anyway, just to be sure. It’s extremely important to compare services and ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.  Remember, real estate agents are professional sales people so it’s their job to make you feel comfortable right away.  Perhaps asking for some referrals before signing agreements is a good way to go to.

Once you have found the agents you want to interview, consult this list of five questions you need to ask when interviewing a real estate agent.

And, if you are in the process of buying or selling, websites like this one give you the tools you need to learn about real estate, the services that are offered, and the anonymity to compare real estate agents anonymously, so that you have more control and all the facts in order to make informed decisions.

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