How To Organize Your Home This Summer: 4 Easy Steps

by Guest Author on July 16, 2013

Summer time can be a busy, hectic time for everyone, and can result in a cluttered house. It is one of the most common goals during the summer to get an organized house. Although at first you may dread looking for spare time to organize, it is actually quite simple and can easily be done. Here are four simple tips to help you get organized this summer:

1. Get the whole family to help

If you are the only one cleaning and organizing the house it can add up and burn you out. You can make organizing fun by having the whole family join in and party. Turn on some music and they won’t even know it’s a chore. The more people who help, the less time it will take to be finished.

2. Create a schedule

By sticking to a schedule it will help you keep your home organized easier this summer. Have designated days to do certain chores and your organization will flow and is easy to stick to. For example, you can make trash day on Tuesday and grocery day on Thursday.

3. Store It Away

If you have extra clutter or belongings in your home taking up space, yet you can’t necessarily get rid of them, consider storing them in a storage unit. Self Storage units, like a San Francisco Self Storage Employee says, are a cheap and easy way to keep your home organized, as well as giving you more space. A tip for placing belongings in storage units is to always label, whether it is with cardboard boxes, plastic tubs, baskets, or crates, make sure to always label what is in the box to remember what you put in it.

4. Use Baskets or Organizational Shelving

A great way to keep your home organized during the summer months is to invest in some baskets or shelving to keep things out of the way and off your floor. Baskets are a great way to keep blankets or pillows neat and organized. Organizational shelves can keep papers, books, magazines and mail uncluttered and separated so you know where your papers are, and can easily stay organized. If you have a lot of electronics with cords or remotes, baskets can keep them neat and untangled as well.

Article and insights provided by Brooke Chaplan.

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