How to Sell an Empty House

by Guest Author on March 4, 2014

When you’re selling a home timing is of the essence, which means you will need to do a lot to get things ready and to attract a lucrative buyer. In a perfect world you would be able to align your interests with those of your clients, however that might not always be the case and sometimes you might even find yourself trying to sell an empty house. If that’s the case, below you will find some tips on how you can optimize your situation and how to sell an empty house.

It’s a canvass

Although in most cases conventional wisdom dictates that it would be much harder to deal with the sale of an empty house, you could do a lot more than you think. An empty home is a canvas you can work with as you see fit. There are ways one can make their home more inviting to their prospective buyers, and that includes more than just furnishings.

From the outside in

Landscaping covers a lot on the outside of a home, taking care of lawns, decorative bushes and flower beds as part of the process. If you want to make sure it looks great in any season, you will need to do a whole lot of work by yourself. Alternately, you can hire a professional landscapist to deal with the majority of the work for you, assuming you have the finances to cover the cost. It won’t be an easy task to keep the area and its curb appeal in top shape, but this is one of the first things people will notice if you’re selling an empty home. This is an effective and simple way of staging that gives a great-looking facade combined with the tabula rasa of the inside of a home.

Keep up with the general maintenance

Maintenance is also another very important aspect of selling a home, regardless of its lack of furnishings. If you have had this home for a while, you should pay special attention to its plumbing, electrical outlets and gutters. Materials age in time and their effectiveness and insulation properties will degrade over time. You will want to take care of it long before the first buyers show up as you will make the worst impression if your product is not in top-notch form after all.

A few elegant solutions

Since you’ll be selling an empty house, you may consider applying just a small touch of furniture around the house. A simple table with some chairs can fill the dining room, a bed combined with a chest of drawers for the bedroom can be all the décor and furniture it needs. Simple, elegant solutions are a better choice than a home entirely void of any personal touches. Your real estate agent can help you with this: a lot of times they know of local furniture rental outlets, or may even have some extra furniture available for use to help put a few pieces in place. Talk to your real estate agent about your situation and ensure they can help you if you decide to work with them.


You should make sure you focus on the items that look great in your home, such as hardwood floors or other assets that could use some polishing. Bring them to attention and they will help sell the home better than the rest of your work. Giving them a proper face lift will not only make them stand out, but they will also last longer. This is something quite simple, but very important and often forgotten by many sellers.

A touch of colour

Choose to repaint the home on the inside and try to focus on a set of neutral colors that help brighten up the place. This will fix the looks and it will also hide any imperfections in the walls and ceilings you’ll work with during showings. Another good way of improving the appeal of a home that lacks furniture is to not only repaint, but also put up different wallpapers or even murals. This is somewhat risky, as you will lose appeal for some, but impress others with your choice. Regardless of what you intend to do, you will need to improve and refresh the walls before you begin your sale. We’d even recommend asking your real estate agent to put you in touch with a home designer: they will have great suggestions that will work well for your space and really accentuate the rooms in the best way possible.


You should also update the fixtures around your home, such as the plates on the light switches, faucets, lights, doorknobs and more. This will also make the home look better at an affordable price, while also keeping it safe and prolonging its life as a product in the long run.

Rosie Williams is a content writer from London, UK. She writers about man and van services and self-storage tips. For more details about removal services you can contact: Removal companies Wimbledon

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