Is Your HVAC Ready For Spring?

by Guest Author on March 6, 2014

It’s almost time to turn the heat off, open the windows, and enjoy the fresh spring air! And then, before we’ll know it, the heat that we all love that belongs to summer. Chances are you’re ready for it, but what about your HVAC system; is it ready for the change? It might be a good idea to give a little TLC to your air conditioning unit in preparation of the warmer weather by adding a few of the small maintenance items to your spring cleaning list:

Free Your Unit

Leaves and other debris pile up around exterior units throughout the Fall and Winter. This blockage impedes the ability of your unit to draw in fresh air. Additionally, debris on the blades of the fan on the interior can cause the unit to work harder than it must and leave it less efficient than you’d like. Ease the strain on the motor, and extend the life of the unit by clearing away anything that might look out of place or that is blocking the air flow from the top or bottom of the unit. Caution: before you do so, make sure it’s unplugged or turned off to ensure you don’t have any unwanted accidents.

Replacements May Be Required

The filter on your HVAC unit is the component that is responsible for catching dust and small particles before it gets into the air you will be breathing in your home. A filter that is dirty or impeded by dust will reduce the air quality you receive on top of reducing the flow of the warm or cold air that your unit is capable of producing. The result of reduced airflow is longer operating times and strain on the unit itself. These filters should be cleaned or replaced at the change of every season or sooner. It’s easy to check them: simply pull them out from the unit and see if they still look clean. If they don’t, it’s time for a replacement.

Minor Motor Maintenance

Every HVAC Unit on the market comes with a manual that will give you guidance for parts of the motor that require regular lubrication. Parts that require oil and lubricants will be located on the interior of the unit, accessible when you remove the side grill from the appliance. There are ports for oiling the fan just above the blades. These units typically require no more than a few drops of lightweight oil that is designed for conventional, household use. And again, make sure the unit is off or unplugged before you do this to ensure you are safe and no accidents will occur.

Schedule A Check-Up

While the above tips can let your HVAC unit live a long and healthy life, it is wise to schedule a regular inspection that will check the condition of vital parts that are not readily accessible. Professional technicians, such as those from Downriver HVAC can check your unit to ensure your HVAC is operating at its maximum and most efficient potential – for both the cold and warm weather. And, if you are going to schedule a check-up, you may want to do so when it’s a bit warmer outside and they can check both the heat and air at the same time.

With a little maintenance, you can ensure your HVAC system is ready to go for spring and summer.

Article and insights provided by Casey Haslem.

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