Keep Your Red Wine Tasting Fine 7 Tips for Superb Wine Storage

by Guest Author on May 15, 2013

If you are a wine enthusiast with a preference for red, you are probably aware that storage is an incredibly important factor in keeping your collection as deliciously drinkable as possible.

The wine storage tips below should help you with the specific care necessary to make reds last as long as possible.

1. Temperature is Terrific—

Depending on the type, there are many different recommendations for the correct temperature at which to store wine. Generally, experts agree that an acceptable temperature range is between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with 50 to 57 degrees being the most desirable. Consistency is one of the most important factors in wine storage, so make sure there are no extreme or sudden temperature fluctuations.

2. Circulation is Sensational—

Red wines need air circulation during storage to maintain desired humidity for cork moisture, but not so much as to cause mold. You don’t need a huge basement to collect wines; a closet or small room of your house will work fine as long as it has minimal light and good air flow. If you lack a place to store wine, a wine cooler can be a wonderful way to keep the humidity at the recommended 70% and perfectly control the temperature of your wines.

3. Sideways is Super—

One of the most important factors of proper wine storage is that each bottle must be stored horizontally, on its side. This angle allows the wine to remain in contact with the cork at all times, preventing it from drying out. If your cork dries out, it can crack and allow air into the bottle, ruining the wine.

4. Storage is Suitable—

When you start to accumulate wines, it’s time to think about storage options and what would work best for you. If you have a basement with plenty of room, for example, you may want to purchase a larger wooden wine rack for your collection. If you entertain often, a home bar with a wine cooler, wine cabinet or portable wine cart might be a convenient choice. If you have a smaller assortment for occasional, personal wine appreciation, you might consider placing an attractive and decorative wire wine rack in your kitchen or dining room.

5. Shaking is Shocking—

Wine should be kept as still as possible: the less vibration, the better. Movement stirs up the sediments and can affect the flavor, so try not to move your wine around until it’s time to drink it.

6. Darkness is Desirable—

Direct sunlight is the enemy of wine. For the best storage, wine should be kept in a dark place. If you don’t have a basement, closet or otherwise climate-controlled place to store your wine, remember that refrigeration is righteous. A wine refrigerator can give your reds the cool, shady environment they require.

7. Preservation is Perfect—

If stored properly, most red wines can last many years, and are known for aging better than white wines. Depending on the quality and type of red wine, bottles of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon may last anywhere between 5 to 15 years from their vintage date.

While the general consensus among wine experts in that most wines sold today are drinkable at an early age, it is a nice luxury to be able to perfectly preserve your favorite reds in wine coolers, wooden racks and wine cabinets until you’re ready for them. With the tips above, you can control the storage of your wines to keep them fresh and flavorful for a very long time.

About the Author: Regina Donelson is a professional blogger that enjoys providing readers with advice on cooking, recipes and dishes. She writes for Just a Pinch, the best place to find recipes for bread, desserts and everything in between.

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