Modern Oasis: 4 Desert Communities So Lush You’ll Think They’re a Mirage

by Guest Author on April 9, 2013

One of the most incredible feats of modern man has been learning to adapt to, live and thrive in some of our planet’s most perilous terrain. While the intense heat of the desert sun once intimidated all but heartiest and most rugged of explorers, today’s desert cities are bursting with stunning and vibrant life. I’ve compiled a list of four fantastic desert communities that are so lush and lovely, you just might think they’re a mirage!

Las Vegas, Nevada

A magnificent gem rising from the sands of the Mojave Desert, the city of Las Vegas is the ultimate symbol of man’s triumph over the elements. What was once a lonely stretch of sand is now a luxurious oasis that serves as a playground for the senses and as one of the world’s top tourist destinations. From opulent casinos that host outlandish fountains, parks and floral exhibits to the gently swaying palm trees planted along the streets, Las Vegas offers a bright and decadent contrast to the stark, harsh realities of the desert.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

The largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque is found the middle of the state and enjoys one of the highest elevations in the country. The arid climate found at the northern edge of Chihuahuan Desert boasts hot summers and gentle winters, with average temperatures never reaching numbers cold enough to freeze. Situated near the exotic Rio Grande and enjoying approximately 280 days of sunshine per year, Albuquerque is home to numerous hiking areas and parks that thrive in the city’s ideal growth climate.

Palm Springs, California

Nestled in the Coachella Valley region of the Sonoran Desert, the gorgeous resort city of Palm Springs is a piece of paradise. Fully embracing over 300 days of sunshine every year, this community enjoys several lush golf courses as well as horseback riding, hiking and biking in the surrounding mountainous desert region. You are close enough to San Diego or Los Angeles to go for weekend trips. This city is one of California’s true treasures.

Tuscon, Arizona

Surrounded by five small mountain ranges; the Santa Catalina, Tortolita, Santa Rita, Rincon, and Tuscon Mountains, and settled against the Santa Cruz River, Tuscon usually enjoys cooler and wetter weather than notoriously hot Phoenix. While nearby Mount Lemmon offers the country’s southernmost ski destination, this beautiful city takes advantage of over 350 annual sunny days with bike rides, golf championships and rodeos. Tuscon is an ideal place for those who enjoy an adventurous lifestyle with few frills and captivating skylines.

About the Author: Jayla Barnsen is a freelance blogger who likes to blog about business, fashion, and Saxony Real Estate in the Palm Springs area. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.

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