Moving Checklist: What You Need to Update

by Guest Author on October 11, 2013

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your move, there are many things that you need to be mindful of if you want a worry-free experience. More than your furniture and personal belongings need to be relocated and waiting until the last minute to change or update some of these specifics could provide for a miserable moving experience.  The best thing to do, is create a moving checklist and ensure that you take note of everything you need to update in order to have a smooth transition to your new home. Here’s some help in identifying the top 1o items of what you need to update as part of your moving checklist:

1. Mailing Address – Without the correct mailing address, important mail may not be delivered or could be greatly delayed. While some of us may not care if a bill gets lost, a paycheck or an important delivery concerning health benefits can make a great difference in your world. While you could try to remember every company that has your address, it is always a good idea to cover them all with a change of address form.

2. Electricity – Will the lights be on in your new home, or will you be in the dark until the power company turns them on? Be mindful that some companies may charge you for an initial deposit if you don’t have a current account with them. Some of these deposits could be as high as $200.

3. Water – One of the worst experiences for a home owner is going to flush the toilet and nothing happens. Does your new home have the water in your name, or will it be shut off once you move in? If the property is a rental, your water could be rolled into the rent. However, you should make sure this is the case.

4. Gas – Sometimes, gas is rolled into a single company for energy needs along with electricity. If this is the case, then a single phone call can make sure both are turned on. However, you should find out if this is the case or not. A cold water heater does no good for morning showers. If the gas was shut off, do not forget to light all of your pilot lights once it’s back on.

5. Phone – Many people don’t have land-line phone services in today’s world. However, you should make sure that your services are turned on if you plan on using such. Some Internet packages for broadband may have land-line telephones as part of their deal.

6. Internet – Do you know what kind of services are offered in your new home? Not all areas support the same companies, speeds and pricing schemes. It may not be a bad idea to call ahead and make sure you’re new home is online and ready to go. You may be able to use your current equipment as you walk in the door of your new residence.

7. Television – Similar to the Internet, not all companies and channels are available in all areas. Many rural towns only have access to satellite TV. What kind of area are you moving into? If all else fails, you can always set up your home for digital broadcasting of local channels.

8. Employer Contact Information – Although a change of address form can help your mail get to the right location, your contact information could be equally as important to your employer. If something were to happen to you at work, can your employer get a hold of family that lives with you?

9. Driver’s License – Did you know that changing the address on your driver’s license is actually a mandatory procedure? In some cities, you can actually be fined quite a bit for having an out-of-state license 30 days after you move.

10. Banking Information – Many services rely on address verification and having incorrect information could cause your card to be declined. This is very prominent in many online services.

There are many facets to moving that some people simply forget about. By making sure each one is accomplished prior to your move, you can rest easy after shuffling furniture around without fear that you’ll be in the dark without a working toilet. It’s always better to accomplish today instead of putting off tasks until tomorrow. Make sure all of your services know of your move and start your new residence off on the right foot.

This article is contributed by Madoline Hatter. Madoline is a freelance writer and blog junkie from You can reach her at: m.hatter12 @ gmail. com.

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Shashi Brown October 14, 2013 at 7:25 pm

This is helpful for both Buyers and Sellers


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