The Importance of a ‘Must-Have’ List When Buying a Home

by Sundaybell on January 17, 2012

You’ve finally saved enough for a down payment and are ready to give up your apartment and become a homeowner. Strangely enough, one of the first things you should think about when you are ready to buy a house is will you be able to sell it when the time comes? You may think you are in there for the long haul, but sometimes when life throws you a curve, you may find yourself in a position where you will have to move. A ‘must-have’ list is a good way of helping you choose a home that will also be marketable if you ever have the need to relocate.

  • 1. The right size
  • 2. Curb appeal
  • 3. A solid structure
  • 4. Easy to improve internal aesthetics
  • 5. A nice garage

1. The right size

Choose a home that not only fits your needs, but also is suitable for the majority of the population. Three and four bedroom homes are the most popular. Most homeowners now want a house with at least one and a-half bathrooms; two full bathrooms are ideal.

2. Curb appeal

Consider yourself lucky if you can find an attractive, well-built home that is surrounded by ugly or plain landscaping. By putting in some effort and a little sweat, improving the aesthetic quality and appearance of your home from a street view will also increase its market value.

3. A solid structure

This is an important one on the ‘must have’ list. If you inspect a home that appears to have cracks in the foundation, do yourself a favor and keep looking. Nothing means trouble like a leaning house.

4. Easy to improve internal aesthetics

Buy a house that will allow you to make relatively easy improvements on the inside. Modern light fixtures, re-finished hardwood floors, and new tiles will greatly enhance the appearance of a home at a reasonable price.

5. A nice garage

Although most new homes do come with a nice place for your car, some older ones were built with just a driveway. Many homebuyers won’t even consider a house that doesn’t have a garage.

If you’re not sure what to put on your ‘must-have’ list, talk to your agent; they can help you the same way Bob and Carly’s agent helped them. Who are Bob and Carly? Meet them in the video and see how they used Sundaybell to get their questions answered and find their perfect agent.

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