Over the River And Through the Woods: What to Look for in Cabin Property

by Guest Author on August 19, 2013

Many people spend their entire lives dreaming of the day that they can buy a cabin, and many others dream of moving into a rural property. You probably think about the peace and quiet and restful sleep that you’ll get, but you should think about the entire property and surrounding areas too, when looking to buy.

Location is Key

As much as you love the idea of living in a rural community, can you actually handle it? Think about how far away hospitals, shopping malls, and dentists are from your future home. Many people discover that they would prefer a cabin near a major city, than one in the middle of nowhere because they like having modern conveniences close by.

Natural Disasters

When you look at cabins for sale, think about the risk of natural disasters. Cabins located close to rivers and streams will only feel peaceful until that river overflows in the middle of a major storm. Depending on the area, snow might be another potential risk. Snow and ice can prevent you from driving to get supplies, or leaving your home for weeks during the winter months.

Preparing Your Home

Some buyers find that they love the idea of a cabin, but only when that cabin comes with electricity, running water, and Internet access. Not all homes come with these features, and you might find that the cost of adding those features is extremely high. Each company must run lines to your home and connect those lines to the grid, which can cost thousands of dollars. Know your limits and what you are willing to spend on your cabin property.

Look at Your Neighbors

Imagine relaxing in a spa that you built yourself, with an in ground spa kit, only to look up and see a group of hunters leering at you from the woods. When you buy the wrong cabin, you might find yourself dealing with noisy animals, nosy neighbors, or outdoor enthusiasts every day. Research the area thoroughly before committing.

What Happens With Trash?

If you live in a city or town, you probably don’t think twice about throwing out your trash. Many rural cabins and homes do not come with trash removal. You need to transport the trash to the county or local dump, and it might take hours to make this simple trip.

Buying a rural cabin in the woods gives you the chance to live in your dream home and everything that entails. Before putting any money down on that property, look at the challenges of owning a rural home. Think about your neighbors, trash removal, and other factors before making your final decision.

Article and Insights provided by Brooke Chaplan.

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