Real Estate Nightmares: Tips for Selling Your House

by Guest Author on August 23, 2013

Sometimes it makes financial sense to bypass a REALTOR and sell your own house. If you’ve got little equity in your home to pay high commissions, marketing your own home can save you thousands of dollars; or negotiating commissions with REALTORS in your area might be your first step depending on how comfortable you are in selling your own home. Regardless of your end decision, here are some tips to sell your home fast and avoid the nightmare of a slow-moving property.

Before You Sell

Clean your house thoroughly, including baseboards, windows and appliances. Remove all the clutter from your home, like seasonal clothing and furniture that can make a room feel crowded. You may want to rent space at a storage facility in Mesa AZ to store these extras while your house is on the market. Get a professional home appraisal and home inspection and include this information when presenting it to perspective buyers. You need to know how to price your home for quick sale, while still getting value for it, and buyers will want to see an inspection report before they make an offer. Choose a good time to list your home. Most people like to move during the summer months, especially if they have children in school.

Ready to Sell

Make a list of your home’s best features, such as stainless steel appliances, or a recently renovated master bathroom. Don’t forget to mention school districts and nearby parks. Create a single page flier to have available for potential buyers and memorize important points so you can answer questions buyers may ask. Put a visible sign in your yard and post fliers wherever public notices are allowed, such as libraries and grocery stores. Advertise your home online with community websites and your local newspaper. Use other services which might be useful to get the word out. Show your home in a professional way to highlight its best features. Make sure your house is clean, there is no food on the counter, and the wastebaskets are empty. Light a scented candle and turn on the lights and lamps that will light up the room.

After You Get an Offer

Be prepared to negotiate, and know your bottom price. Always counteroffer if the first offer is too low. Approach a lender to get an idea of financing options and closing costs to help in your negotiations. This can also help seal the deal if the purchaser hasn’t selected a lender yet; your advice and referral can be a great service to them. Be ready to close quickly once a deal is made. Have all your documents in order for the lender.

No one wants the nightmare of paying the mortgage on a home they no longer want. These tips can help you sell your home fast and get you ready for the next big step in your life.

Article and Insights provided by Brooke Chaplan.

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