Real Estate: Six Tips for Enhancing Your Home

by Guest Author on July 5, 2013

According to real estate professionals at Los Angeles Real Estate Management, enhancing the appeal of your home is never a bad idea. Whether you are looking to enhance the curb appeal to lure buyers into your home or you are simply looking to make the interior of your home something more sophisticated or functional, these six tips will help you improve the quality of your living space.

Go Neutral

You might love the idea of black walls, but it’s not necessarily a good idea unless you plan on living in your house forever. If you want to enhance your home, neutral colors are the best idea. Stick to light grays, tans, and whites. You can add color with your furniture and accessories. A few strategically placed chevron pillows in bright colors can transform an entire space.

Think Less

Cramming rooms full of oversized furniture and knick-knacks can make your home feel cluttered. When you live in a cluttered home, you might feel more anxious than you would living in a house free of clutter. If you are selling, buyers might find it difficult to picture their belongings in your home when it’s full of too much stuff. Get rid of the clutter to enhance your home.

Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways to enhance your house is to pay a little attention to your front yard. Keeping the grass short, trees trimmed, and hedges cut can transform the look of your home. Add a pretty pot of brightly colored flowers to your front porch and you will have a lovely look that will attract buyers before they even see the interior of your home.

Fix the Little Things

Your leaking bathroom faucet and the blown bulb in the middle of your dining room chandelier might not be something you notice anymore, but buyers will. It is so easy to enhance the look of your home simply by fixing those little issues. Additionally, wiping down your floor trim, washing scuff marks off the bottom of your door, and fixing little scratches in your paint will help you improve the overall look of your home.

Re-purpose Unused Rooms

If you use the majority of your home for storage space, you may want to consider finding a more useful purpose for the extra space. Especially when you are trying to sell your home, showing the usefulness of each room is crucial. You can easily give an extra room a makeover by turning it into a guest bedroom or a home office space, allowing buyers to see the true potential of all the space.

Think Higher

If you have small spaces, making them look larger can seem like a bigger challenge than it actually is. A quick fix is to hang your curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible and hang up long curtains. This draws the eye up and creates a bigger looking space.

Article and insights provided by Kandace Heller.

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