Selling Your Home? 5 Things To Put In Your Home For The Picky Buyers

by Guest Author on July 18, 2013

As a homeowner, selling your home is a big decision. Preparing your house for a competitive market can be tough. Since more buyers are entering the market with strict demands and unique desires, making your home stand out from the rest can be quite the undertaking. With a few practical additions, however, you can snag the right buyer in no time.

Add Light fixtures

Generally, a home that is well lit has a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. Also, lighter areas seem more spacious, which is especially appealing to prospective buyers. To avoid dark and dreary spaces, consider installing new light fixtures to make your rooms glow. When selecting fixtures, choose pieces that correspond with the overall atmosphere of your home.

Invest in New Appliances

When searching for a house, buyers tend to look for special bonuses. Oftentimes, when a buyer is torn between two houses, the house with added perks will seal the deal. New kitchen appliances can be the icing on the cake that buyers crave. Stainless steel appliances or color-coordinating pieces are especially desirable.

Install an Alarm System

Feeling safe and secure in a potential new home is key for buyers. While safety features such as deadbolt locks and smoke detectors are positive features, an alarm system will give buyers the confidence to rest easy in their new home. A buyer will appreciate a previously-established system, as it will cut back on their installation costs.

Create Built-In Storage

Having wasted space is a sure-fire way to lose a buyer’s interest. Regardless of a home’s size, adequate storage is highly desirable. After all, having a place for everything keeps a home tidy and organized. If your home doesn’t have natural storage space, you can easily create such areas with bookshelves, cabinetry and various shelving units.

Install Water-Saving Faucets

From a buyer’s perspective, a bathroom can make or break a home. While an aesthetically-pleasing bathroom is key, one that saves energy can be particularly alluring. To the buyer’s benefit, swapping your current faucets with water-saving versions will conserve energy and lower their future utility bills.

Overall, such additions to your home will only increase its value and attract even the most particular buyers. From inexpensive projects to profitable investments, you can prepare your home to be a quality competitor in today’s market.

Article and insights provided by Casey Haslem.

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