Six Affordable Ways To Give Your House A Fresh Look

by Guest Author on November 8, 2013

Living in the same place can get dull, but it’s not so easy to sell your home and move somewhere new. What is easy, however, is to re-imagine your home and give it a fresh new look. Here are six affordable ways to give your home a great fresh new look.

1. Finding Quality With A Good Price

Instead of paying high-dollar for real wooden blinds, you can purchase interior faux wood blinds that look exactly the same as the real thing for a much lower cost. These blinds add a classy look and feel to any room they’re placed in, and seen from the outside exude privilege and style.

2. Move your bookshelves around

By rearranging your bookshelves, you can use them as dividers for a room, particularly if they are double sided. This lets you split an overly large room into two smaller rooms, repurposing them for whatever reason you have in mind, whether you turn one side into a reading room or an office and the other into a game room. This action literally creates a new room in your home, totally changing the way you feel about it.

3. Zone up

Another way to create sections of a room that add a new look and feel to your home is through the use of a rug. By placing a rug on the floor, you instantly divide a room into ‘on the rug’ and ‘off the rug’ sections. By arranging a small table or soft and coffee table on the rug, you create a cozy and inviting area for guests to sit and chat, and the rest of the room can be for your children to play.

4. Switch up the lighting

The simple act of placing a chandelier in a room will draw the eye to the lighting arrangement and also make the room a brighter place.

5. Paint away

A new paint job on the outside of your home may be just what you need in order to see your home in a different light. Take a play from interior design and give the outside of the house an accent wall; this not often taken step will ensure that your home looks memorable and becomes the talk of the neighborhood. This new found attention might make you look at your home in a different light.

6. Is that wall moulding?

By adding crown moulding to your ceiling or around windows, you can create a fresh new focal point in a room. Do this in all the rooms, and your home will look totally different.

With these 6 simple and affordable steps, you don’t have to move away to give your home a fresh look. With just a few quick touch ups, you can make your home feel like a totally different place.

Article and insights provided by Hannah Whittenly.

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