Six Open House Tips: Preparing For a Successful Open House

by Sundaybell on October 22, 2013

Looking for some tips on hosting an open house or preparing for an open house? Look no more: here are six tips to help you prepare for your open house!

Soothing Smells

Warm smells can create warm feelings in the minds of potential buyers. Delicious aromas provoke intense psychological responses in the human brain. You can create wonderful smells in your home by warming cinnamon sticks inside your oven or baking a fragrant cake in the hours leading up to your open house. Another option is to purchase a dessert-scented candle and light it before the event. Every person who steps foot inside your home will have an immediate positive response to their environment and they may be more inclined to make an offer.

Eliminate Pests

You should never risk letting the presence of rodents sully your home’s first impression during an open house. Nothing turns off buyers like a rodent scurrying at their feet; or any signs of one for that matter.  If you think rodents might be an issue, you can have a local professional come by to check things out; for example here is a company that provides rodent control in Houston. Or, if you live elsewhere, simply typing rodent control into your search browser will likely pull up local businesses that can help.

Hide Your Pets

Just because you love your pet doesn’t mean that potential buyers will too. Many people automatically assume that a cat or dog means hidden messes. The psychological effects of visible pets or pet items can automatically disqualify your home in the minds of many people or even work against you when they are making an offer. You can eliminate this negative threat by removing your pets before the open house begins. You should also remove all traces of pet toys, litter boxes, dog leashes, cages, and pet beds prior to your open house.

Rearrange Furniture

Wide open spaces are important in your home. Push your sofas and beds against your walls in order to maximize the bare floor space in every room. You should also clear away decorations and side tables that obstruct walking paths inside your home. These efforts will make your home appear larger to buyers. As part of this step, you may also want to consider these 5 home staging tips to ensure your home appears as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

Depersonalize Your Home

It is important for potential buyers to be able to imagine owning and living in your home. Visible reminders of you and your family can cloud this creative vision. You should remove all personal items from view. Take some time to walk through your house and take down all personal photos, diplomas, and other marks that could remind visitors that somebody is living there. It is also a good idea to replace the linens in your bedrooms. Crisp white sheets create a vibe of freshness and new beginnings.

Put Fresh Flowers on the Table

A fresh bouquet brings a touch of liveliness to any home. The sight of flowers is known to boost moods and create positive brain activity.

These six open house tips are a great place to get started.  As part of preparing for a successful open house, always remember to offer a clean and fresh environment so that buyers feel welcome and at home right away.

Article and insights provided by Casey Haslem.

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