So You’ve Bought a Castle: Furnishing Tips for Pricey Pads

by Guest Author on June 20, 2013

What is more alluring than a mystical, majestic monument that you can live in? For only a few million dollars (or a lot more, depending on how big you want to go), you can live in knightly style in your very own castle. There are castles for sale all over the world, from Rhode Island to Ireland. If you’re in the privileged position to buy a castle, or if you want to add some castle-esque qualities to your humble abode, you have come to the right place.

Castles aren’t just relics of defensive decadence, they’re bastions of personality and historical significance. When it’s time to decorate your castle, which motif are you going to follow? The castle style guide below will help ensure your quarters are fit for royalty.

photo by Sean MacEntee

Castle couture is all about the details. From statues to tapestries, chandeliers and rugs, no castle is complete without an exotic array of artifacts. When you’re ready to give the grand tour, consider adding these decadent staples to your domicile:

  • A Statue From Antiquity: Or at least one that looks like the real thing. offers an array of authentic looking busts ranging from $2 – $200,000. Are you an Achilles or an Aphrodite?
  • Fabergé Egg: This is the ultimate trophy fit for a palace. The rich, luxurious history of Fabergé is almost as enchanting as the eggs themselves. Although they’re difficult to come across (have a spare nine million dollars sitting around?), has some excellent accessories that are attainable for the everyman. Cufflinks, for example, are a mere $11,000. Luckily, there are plenty of knock-offs available on eBay for under $100.00.
  • Swords and Armor: Your foyer wouldn’t be complete without the guardianship of a local knight? Obtaining a knight’s regalia can prove a difficult task. You might have to go faux for this item too. Although you can purchase pieces of authentic armor on online auction sites, your best bet is probably to find replicas on sites like Be prepared to spend $1,000 – $20,000.
  • Tapestry: A good tapestry should tell a story. Your tapestry will tell your guests whether you’re friendly or formidable, a hunter or a jouster, and how fair your maidens really are. Take caution when choosing a tapestry, you want it to be an extension of you, not a means to brag. provides many respectable options, so long as you don’t get knotted up if they don’t have the selection you want.

Once you have haggled and plundered your way to an impressive armory of artifacts, you will have to get this palatial bounty to your abode. Use services like, where shipping companies will vie for the chance to bring your valuables to your doorstep. This will ensure that your valuables aren’t thrown around by people who don’t know what they’re doing. The professionals at Angie’s list can then help you find a butler, maid and valet worthy of taking care of your magnificent lifestyle, although we’re not sure if pool services also covers moats.

About the Author: Jessica Allan is a broker and freelance writer for several real estate and finance blogs.

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