Strange Tenant Requests Made To Landlords

by Guest Author on May 8, 2013

Many think that the life of a landlord is plain sailing – receiving rent for very little work. However, this is often not the truth. Each tenant provides the landlord with a different experience, and needless to say there are some who are much harder work than others. Some tenants will contact their landlord only in the case of an emergency; others will take any opportunity to look for help with even the simplest of issues.

While you might expect the jobs of a landlord to be as simple as repairing a few bits and pieces, stranger requests than that are surprisingly common. Here, we take a look at a number of unexpected requests which have been made by tenants living in rented property.

Tenants go on holiday, expect landlord’s help

An Oxfordshire tenant had booked a holiday and was therefore expecting to be away from the property for a number of weeks. Despite being engaged in a long term contract, the tenant of the property contacted the landlord and requested a reduced rental rate for the period during which they would be away from the property. Needless to say, taking a holiday does not entitle a tenant to any reduction in rent. Not only are they still making use of the property, but they are leaving on an entirely voluntary basis!

If requesting reduced rent while on holiday isn’t cheeky enough, another tenant was reported to have attempted to enlist the help of their landlord when things didn’t quite go to plan. The tenant had made the mistake of leaving their passport at home and contact the landlord from the airport. The tenant requested that the landlord travel to the property, collect the passport and deliver it immediately to the airport. While this would have been a nice gesture from the landlord, it is an example of a confused relationship between the two parties.

Cooking problems

You might expect a tenant to get in touch with a landlord with the hope of remedying certain cooking problems. If a tenant is struggling with a faulty cooker, for example, they would be right to contact the landlord. In one strange case, however, a tenant was reported to have contacted their landlord looking for advice on how to cook spaghetti. This is certainly one of the most unusual tenant requests we’ve read.

Admiring the furnishings

It’s not uncommon for landlords to provide the furnishings for a house, or perhaps just certain fittings such as curtains. One tenant was so enamoured with their surroundings that they made a particularly unusual request. Deciding that they were extraordinarily keen on a certain set of curtains, this tenant contacted the landlord to enquire whether it might be possible for them to use the curtains to make a dress.

Animal house

A strange dialogue was opened between a tenant and landlord which concerned a new hobby of the tenants which was more than unusual. The issue first arose when a house-mate of the tenant in question raised a complaint with the landlord. The complaint was that there were dead animals being kept in the fridge, and not the sort you buy from the supermarket.

When discussions began between the landlord and tenant, it became clear that the tenant was learning how to perform taxidermy – the process of stuffing animals. The tenant had to take the opportunity to acquire his materials, which then had to be stored safely before use. As a social issue, this was a matter which came down to the discretion of the landlord.

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