Surefire Ways to Prepare a House for Sale

by Guest Author on October 2, 2013

While owning a home is a great way to build long-term wealth, selling a home can be a very difficult and stressful process. To ensure that you are able to sell your home quickly, and minimize the stress that comes with it, there are several things that you should do to prepare your house for sale now, which will lead to a much quicker sale. Here are some surefire ways to prepare your house for sale:

Price the Home Appropriately

For a sale in any real estate market, you will need to list the home at a fair market value price. If you over-list the price, it may not necessarily prevent a sale, but it does make it far less likely, and it could make the sales process take a lot longer. Be sure to work with your REALTOR® to review sales comps to determine what the right price is.

Clean the Interior

Nothing can deter a home buyer from wanting to purchase your home more than a dirty interior. Prior to taking pictures of your home, you should at least clean up all the clutter, which will make it seem larger and easier to live in. Once you are ready for an open-house, or regular showings, you should consider bringing in a professional cleaning crew to scrub the place down the best that they can.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

One of the most important things that you need to do to prepare your home for sale, is to get your lawn into good shape. Starting a few weeks prior to listing and showings, you should spend some time irrigating and excavating your lawn. To do so, it may require using professional equipment or hiring a lawn specialist in your area, which will ensure the job is done quickly and effectively. Also be sure to water the lawn and keep it looking trim. This will maximize your home’s curb appeal.

Stage the Home

If your home is full of older furniture, and unique personal items, it might be a good idea to have the home staged with temporary furniture. Bringing in more modern furniture will give a home buyer a chance to see what the home would look like if it was decorated in a current style, which will make it more appealing, and likely result in a faster sale.

Selling a home can often be a stressful, and a time consuming process. There are several things that you can do to prepare the home for sale, which will ensure that it sells quickly, and at an attractive price to you and your family.

Article and insights provided by Brooke Chaplan.

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