house buyer checklist

House Buying Checklist

by Sundaybell on September 11, 2012

Congratulations on your decision to buy a home! As you begin researching homes, meeting real estate agents, touring open houses and deciding what you are looking for, creating a checklist can be very helpful for you to ensure you are looking at the right properties that suit your needs both now, and for the future.

If you have teamed up with a real estate agent to help you find your home, it’s important for them to understand what you want in a home, vs. what you absolutely can’t live with.  This way, as they send listings for you to look at, you won’t be bombarded with homes that simply don’t fit your criteria.

Some things you might want to consider on your homebuying checklist:

- The type of home are you looking for (eg. detached, town-house, condo)
- The area would you like to live in (a specific area of town, city centre, or out of town)
- Nearby schools (perhaps there are children and education to consider)
- Highway access (for your daily commute)
- House layout (open concept, smaller rooms, big kitchen, unfinished basement etc.)
- Parking (garage, large driveway, street parking)
- Distance to city centre or amenities (grocery stores, malls, restaurants)
- Public transit
- Age of home (are you looking for a “move in” type home or a fixer upper)

And the things that you simply can’t live with:

- Older homes vs. newer homes
- Finished or unfinished basement
- Landscaping that is already complete as you might like to add your own personal touch
- Ethnicity of neighborhood
- Backing onto hydro wires
- Living on a busy, or main corridor, street
- Certain areas that may be too far for commuting
- Close to government subsidized housing, detention facilities etc.
- Backing onto strip malls, major streets or highways

Don’t forget about budget!

The other major component, or thing to be up front about with your real estate agent, is your budget.  Without an understanding of your overall budget, it will be difficult for your real estate agent to pair you with properties that make sense for your personal situation.  For example, if you are the type of homebuyer that wants to move right in, you are different than the type of buyer that wishes to spend a bit less and buy a fixer-upper. Be up-front with your real estate agent about your budget as it can only help ensure your home search is successful and that the house you end up purchasing is the best possible fit for you.

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