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Buying A House: Creating A Top 10 List

by Sundaybell on September 10, 2012

When looking for a house, there sure are lots to choose from and many ways to conduct your research. You could be looking online, through a real estate agent, or simply driving around the neighborhoods you are looking to move to! So you ask, “how hard could it really be to find the right one?” For all those people out there who have done this before…let’s just say it can be quite frustrating if you don’t have a clear direction of what you are looking for and you might find yourself moving again before you are ready.  Some good advice to follow is creating a top 10 list, this way, when you do end up buying a house, at least you’ll know that it will consist and provide you with the things that you really need and want.

Creating a top 10 list

In other words, it’s paramount that you have some sort of idea of what you want before you start searching for the house you want to buy. You can start simple by listing the number of bedrooms you might be looking for, the number of bathrooms, a garage, whether having any amenities like a pool or finding a property that has the space for a pool are important to you, living close to schools or grocery stores or even a certain distance from work (to minimize your commute). It’s important for homebuyers to have a house buying checklist: a list that clearly identifies “wants” and “needs” so that the real estate agent you are working with can identify and arrange for you to view properties that really fit.

I’m not sure what I’m looking for

But what if you are not sure what you are looking for?  This happens all the time!  Some homebuyers, especially first-time homebuyers, might not know where to start.  If this sounds familiar to you, then your real estate agent can be a big help in clarifying what type of home might suit you best.  A good real estate agent will ask you a number of questions about your lifestyle, where you work, family plans etc.. They will take you to all sorts of areas and houses and listen to what you have to say about them so that they can narrow down your likes and dislikes in order to find you the perfect home.

Looking for houses online

I’m sure the world of online real estate listings is not new to anyone. Technology has now given us some easy, simpler ways to start our home search. By using sites like,, (in the United States) or (in Canada) it gives us a chance to review properties for sale before we spend the time going out and looking at them in person. These sites typically display all the listings for your area, searchable by bedrooms, square footage, bathrooms, estimated house values, zip codes and more. As a tip, when your real estate agent sends you listings via email to look at, search them out on these sites first before taking the time to view them in person. It’s as easy as putting in the listing number from the list your real estate agent sends to you.

What’s your budget?

It’s important, as a homebuyer, that your real estate agent needs to understand your overall budget.  In order for them to provide value to you, you need to be open with them about how much you’d like to spend (or at least a range of home price that you are comfortable and pre-approved for).  This can help your real estate agent search for properties that not only fit your budget, but also your lifestyle.

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