Ten Reasons Why You Should Add a Vertical Garden to Your Home

by Guest Author on April 16, 2013

While not exactly a new idea, vertical gardens have recently hit the mainstream as the latest green space trend in gardening. So what’s so great about vertical gardening?

1. You Need Less Space

The biggest advantage to vertical gardening is that it takes up less space than a traditional garden or planters so you can do more in less space. While vertical gardens are great for any location, they are especially good for the person with a small space such as in urban settings. Add a vertical garden container to your balcony, consider an outside wall, or even inside one and you’ll be growing plants in places you never thought possible. You get to maximize your green growing spaces.

2. Natural Installation

Vertical gardening can also help with the heating or cooling of your home by providing a living installation barrier to the outside of your space that will catch all that heat or cold from the summer suns or winter winds and absorb it before it gets inside. They also help with preventing heat loss from your space.

3. Containers are Easy to Get

Vertical gardening was once hard to accomplish since you had to come up with your own containers or trellises to get the plants to stay up, but not anymore. Because of the demand for vertical gardening containers, many manufacturers or gardening suppliers have jumped on board the vertical garden train and are finding many different container and hanging options. Some just lean up on a wall or are portable while others are fixed by attaching to a wall. They are also providing easy to water solutions, which was once an issue with vertical gardens.

4. Improves Plant Health

Getting the plants up off the ground reduces the amount of pests, diseases and other issues that come from gardening on the ground. Vertical gardening improves the health of your plants, thus reducing the need for chemicals to control problems. You also end up with fewer weeds because you’re off the ground and away from loose seeds and get improved air and light circulation when growing in a raised environment.

5. Grow More With Less

If you’re growing fruits and veggies, you can produce more by growing vertically than horizontally. Vertical growing allows you to pick crops that are larger because you don’t mind them going up, so instead of bush crops, you can pick the large heirloom varieties that tend to sprawl and produce more for a longer period of time.

6. Easier on the Body

Vertical gardens are easier to care for than gardens on the ground. There’s much less bending involved in reaching the plants to prune, harvest, weed, water or whatever you need done. This makes this type of gardening much easier on those with back issues or other physical limitations that might keep them from having a garden.

7. Use Less

Going vertical also allows you to use much less soil and water than a traditional garden. Less soil and water means less weeds and pest issues as well as less expense on your part. Most vertical gardens use the amount of soil as a large planter would and you get more space to grown out of the vertical space. Water is recycled through the planting system by slowly drip down and collected in a reservoir at the bottom, where it can be reused.

8. Acts as a Filter

Plants act as filters for air and water. If you have a location where lots of water cascades down your wall, adding vertical garden spaces creates a natural filter to remove any pollutants before they reach the ground. They also provide roots to catch loose soil and prevent it from getting into the water supply and polluting that way. So you can improve your location greatly by adding some vertical green space.

9. Create Green Privacy

They are great for helping to create privacy. You can use a vertical garden as a privacy screen to block out unwanted views or to block the views of nosy in-lookers. Vertical gardens also help to block out noise from a street or can hide ugly utilities such as ac units or meter boxes.

10. Improve Air Quality

Another big one is that plants improve your air quality by removing CO2 from the air and giving back clean oxygen. By introducing vertical gardening inside your home, you can remove harmful air pollutants and just making your air sweeter to breath. You’re doing the same for your outside spaces. Another great way of improving your health!

Gardening of any sort is healthy for you. It positively influences the mental mind as well as the body and lifts the spirits. Adding a vertical garden to your space can only mean good things to come because gardening always improves your full body health.

About the Author: Gavin Walsh writes for uzplanters about living walls and self-watering planters.

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