Three Musts for Keeping Your New Home Secure

by Guest Author on May 1, 2013

A new home is a treasure that deserves protection to maintain its security. Prevention is better than regret, and there are some easy ways to secure your home.

Install a Home Security System

Consumer Reports advises that alarm systems now respond to sensors that are located inside the home, an improvement over those that are triggered by a window or door that is not closed. Improved quality in sensor technology prevents false alarms and provides more accuracy. The sound of the alarm is so piercing that it is nearly impossible for a burglar to tolerate it, while silent alarms send a notification to a monitoring station.

Get Good Locks and Use Them

The tendency to leave a door unlocked is not as great when you leave the house as it is when you are working in the back yard. It takes just a moment for an intruder to enter your home, and you are at a disadvantage when the burglar is on the inside and you are on the outside. While you are addressing the entries to your home, get a solid front door that is nearly impossible for anyone to kick in. Hollow-core doors offer no resistance to a firm kick from a steel-toed boot.

Fence Your Yard

Marking the lines of your property with a fence increases your security and establishes your proprietary rights. For the front of your home, a decorative fence is attractive, and a matching gate that you can keep locked stops an unauthorized visitor for at least a little while. In the back yard, a privacy fence is one of the nicest investments you can make to complement your new home. It gives you the freedom to enjoy the fresh air out of the view of the neighbors, and you can have a garden, take a sunbath or enjoy a patio party in the evening.
Board fences are the most effective for privacy, and styles that have two equally attractive sides are the nicest. Many jurisdictions do not want you to put the rough side out and the pretty side facing you, and there is safety in that as well as an aesthetic value to the neighbors. The horizontal stringers on the rough side can act like a step for an intruder, so a two-sided fence is your best option for safety.

About the Author: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that writes about home issues.

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