Understanding Concrete Floor Cleaning

by Guest Author on May 16, 2013

Many building contractors are using concrete acid & dyes to rev up their choice of color palettes. These days, you can get dyes in more vibrant tones than many people would think, with stains such as yellow, red, orange, purple and cobalt blue available. Experienced contractors can come up with other color coats by mixing a wide range of other shades. Given the wide choice of dyes and concrete acid available out there, the requirements of many people are fully taken care of.

Available Options

Contractors and homeowners can choose water based or solvent based dyes. You should know that each of these types has unique qualities and suits varying requirements. Available dyes aren’t reactive with concrete and related substances. They have finer particles that are beautifully colored which can penetrate the concrete surface thus making it pretty beautiful. However; there are a few differences in the final results of dyes and stains. Dyes offer more predictable tones than stains would, but it’s still possible to get various color variations.

Place to Use

Dyes can be applied as standalone applications and can as well be layered over stains and can be used with other pigments when there is a need to intensify the color. Because numerous color options exist, technicians more often use dyes to come up with very elaborate graphical compositions. Some colors can also be developed to add richness to concrete floors which have been polished.

When to Use Concrete Acid and Dyes

Concrete dyes ensure your chemical staining tasks are enhanced hence opening up many design related options. The good thing with dyes is that you can obtain colors that aren’t possible when chemical stains are used. You can get the color palette of your imagination when you combine chemical staining and concrete dyes. If you are not sure about how to mix the dyes and chemical stains to obtain the kind of a result which you need, you can find a guide and read through it. Also, there are many seasoned color artists who can translate your thoughts into reality. If you check online or your yellow pages, you will definitely find some seasoned experts who can assist you achieve your goals.

For many years, XPS concrete floor cleaning chemical has been combined with dyes and many other applications to come up with excellent results. They have been used by artisans to improve the color of a concrete slab especially when the stain isn’t reacting and where there is a need to improve the intensity of the color. It’s also used when there is a need to add visual texture and some depth to a surface made from concrete. It’s also used when building layers of colors and doing softening in specific areas where the stain has produced excessive brightness.

However, there are a few limitations associated with the dyes and chemicals. Both dyes and chemical stains are a little transparent and so they can’t hide colors located underneath. It’s imperative that you check the dye’s suitability before you use in exterior applications.

About the author: Christopher has a wide knowledge base about XPS concrete floor cleaning chemical and floor maintenance. Through his write-ups he tries to share his acquaintance about concrete floors with the world.

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