Weirdest Homes of 2013

by Guest Author on October 8, 2013

We’ve all seen some weird houses, no doubt!  However, these homes can definitely make the weirdest homes of 2013 list.  Have a look and enjoy!

Shoe House

Heard of the woman who lived in a shoe? You can meet that woman in the Pennsylvania countryside.
This house is shaped just like a shoe. This house has a wood frame finished with cement stucco. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and was originally built as an advertisement for a shoe company. The current owners use it as their summer home.

One Log House

This house is literally contained in a log. The house was made using the stump of a 2,000 year-old redwood tree as the structure. The house has a 7-foot ceiling and the house is 32-feet long. Surprisingly enough, the house was built entirely from the use of hand tools. The home is fully functioning, except it contains no plumbing hook-ups.

Rotating House

Have you always wanted to sleep in a rotating house? Now you can. This rotating house in Australia can rotate a full 360 degrees. The house is built on a steel frame held up by urethane casters. Visitors can stay there in B&B style and enjoy the rotating view out of their windows in the morning. The cost of building the home was surprisingly inexpensive, and cost only a little more than building a non-rotating house of comparable size.

Mushroom House

The mushroom house was constructed by architect Terry Brown who loves working with natural materials. The mushroom house looks just like a real mushroom with wood siding that resembles the brown fungi. The home was briefly for sale in 2012, costing a surprisingly affordable $350,000. Not a bad price to pay for a piece of art you can live in.

The Vertical Bed

You won’t find this bed at most mattress sale stores. This bed allows the sleeper to sleep completely upright. This vertical bed is shaped like a large, white cloud. The shape of the bed helps keep the sleeper upright as he or she sleeps enveloped in a cloud of comfort. If you have always thought that sleeping horizontally is too mainstream, this is the bed for you.

Dome House

This dome house looks much line a sphere. The home is built with a rounded shape for a purpose. The home is located in Florida, where hurricanes rage. The rounded shape of the home prevents it from getting caught up in the storms and damaged by gales of wind and rain.

Zigzag House

This amazing home located in Music City is a sight to see. What started as a normal house took on a zigzag shape when architect owner added a new budget-friendly addition. The architect wanted to add a second story without expensive renovations, so he added the “Z” shape addition to help maintain the weight of the addition without adding a lot of extra expense.

These amazing houses and beds are some of the strangest you will find in 2013. Not only are these homes unique, but they also show that homes don’t have to just be functional, they can also be art and offer unusual beauty and appearances to the world.

Article and insights provided by Lindsey Mcmahon.

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