What Is A House Listing Appointment?

by Sundaybell on September 19, 2012

After careful consideration and weighing all your options it’s finally time to list your home for sale.

I’ve decided to sell my house, now what?

If you plan on working with a real estate agent, then it’s time to invite the agents that you feel best meet your service criteria to a house listing appointment, also known simply as a “listing appointment”.

So what is a listing appointment?

When listing your house for sale, it is the responsibility of the real estate agents you are interviewing to provide you with knowledge and experience to ensure you maximize your house listing.  There are usually 4 stages to a house listing appointment including a walk through, discussion of the real estate agents unique marketing plan, a Comparative Market Analysis followed by a discussion regarding real estate commissions.

Stage 1: The Walk Through

This is when the real estate agent takes a tour of your home.  Their responsibility here is to get a better understanding of your homes unique features, upgrades and overall layout.  This will allow them to compare your house to others they have seen in the area, in order to get a sense of how your home will present to potential homebuyers and even make suggestions with regards to home staging services (if required). During the home selling process, most agents will create a profile for your house to place on MLS and create some unique tools (sales materials) that identify the strengths of your home so that prospective homebuyers have the opportunity of getting to know your house before they come by for a viewing.

Stage 2: The Real Estate Agent Marketing Plan

Every real estate agent is different, which means they should have unique tools and ideas to help you market and sell your house for top dollar.  Some of these unique tools could include sales sheets, how they will market your house on the internet, unique videos or even a plan for open houses or cocktail parties.  Part of the real estate agent interview process is to get an understanding of what tools they propose to use and if you are comfortable in partnering with them to sell your house.

Stage 3: Comparative Market Analysis

During a CMA, the real estate agent you are interviewing will present you with comparable house listings (houses for sale) in your area. They will present house listing prices, actual sale prices and the unique features that these homes may have had that either helped, or hindered their success in selling. The purpose of a CMA is to provide comparison, so that when you do ultimately list your house, you will have a better sense of what is happening in the market around you.

Stage 4: Real Estate Commissions

There are two sides to a real estate commission: the listing agent commission and the buyers’ agent commission. It’s important to understand what your listing agent commission will be, as well as what the incentive is for a buyer’s agent (this is the commission paid to the agent who showcases your house to potential homebuyers).  Once both numbers are combined, this is the total commission you will pay for services rendered by both your real estate agent and the agent that is representing the homebuyer.
At the end of a house listing appointment, the real estate agent you are interviewing may ask you to sign a listing agreement. This is a legal document that states that the real estate agent is representing your home for sale.  If you are comfortable with the real estate agent you are interviewing, you may decide to go ahead with this.  Or, if you are still in the interview process and would like to see what other real estate agents might have to offer, this may be something you are not quite ready for; that is entirely up to you!
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