Why Curb Appeal is a Big Deal

by Guest Author on March 25, 2013

Curb appeal is certainly a buzz worthy term that has been added to the modern vernacular due to real estate obsessed programming which shows people shopping for homes, selling homes, and doing impressive renovations. Curb appeal matters in terms of property value, neighborhood aesthetics, and especially when putting a house on the market, but it also plays a role in making a property owner feel proud of the place he or she calls home. However, as homeowners rarely spend a significant amount of time outside of their home gazing at their cozy retreat, some may not realize where they can boost the curb appeal.


Landscaping is a big factor in curb appeal. This includes the most basic tasks such cutting the grass and weeding the garden. A neat and tidy yard, no matter the size, instantly attracts buyers more than an untended mess which some take as a sign that the inside of the home has not been properly maintained either. Inexpensive upgrades are easy to do with the addition of garden beds. When choosing plants opt for colorful blooms that are well suited to the local climate, but make sure they do not block windows or other important features of the house. When tidying up the yard make sure to remove any debris. Cut down damaged tree branches and rake up fallen leaves.


Paint on the exterior of the home also adds to the curb appeal. Make sure that colors coordinate, have not faded, and are fitting with the rest of the neighborhood. Some neighborhoods across the country are celebrated for the colorful homes that fit with the style of that city. However, being THE PURPLE house in a more conservatively styled area can be a roadblock in trying to sell a property. A good tip for making painting touchups a regular part of home maintenance is to store some of the leftover paint in a small jar such as a baby food jar that can be easily accessed to paint the inevitable nicks that occur over time.


Windows also factor into a home’s curb appeal. An abundance of well-placed windows that allow natural light to warm up the inside of a home are a welcome sight. Make sure windows are in good repair, and if the home is an older home with the original windows consider replacing them with energy efficient windows that better insulate the home and appeal to modern buyers. Windows covered with a sheet or other type of makeshift window dressing downgrade the appearance of the home. Opting for custom fit blinds that are the same throughout the house adds a nice cohesive look, and is very attractive to buyers who know at they will not have to tackle this project upon purchasing the home.


Lighting outside of the home is also important. Clean all of the light fixtures and replace any burnt out bulbs. Typically homeowners want to make sure that the home is well lit at night and feels like a safe environment. Serious real estate shoppers may drive past a property at different times throughout the day to get a feel for the neighborhood they may be moving into. Take advantage of this by always having the home look its best. Turn on porch lights and other outdoor lighting so that potential buyers will surely notice the home. Extras such as garden lights can be a great bonus feature that helps set a property apart from other homes on the market.

Taking the time to upgrade the outer appearance of a home makes it more attractive to potential buyers, but even homeowners who are content to stay put will find that enhanced curb appeal has many assets. It will help the property values in the neighborhood when all the homeowners keep their home exteriors in great condition. Even more importantly, it will add to the pride of being a home owner when the home is in superior condition.

About the Author: Nick Simpson is Social Media Coordinator at Blindsgalore, a leading provider of custom roller shades with different colors and elegant wood blinds.

If you’re in the market to sell, talk to your local real estate agent about what upgrades you might want to consider.  They can likely either help you out as many are trained in interior and exterior design and they have a pulse on what local buyers might be looking for.  They might also be able to help by providing you referrals to a home stager or even a general contractor to get those little fixes done before you put your house on the market.

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