Why is Home Staging Important?

by Sundaybell on December 3, 2010

Staged kitchen in a house for sale

Stage your home for a quicker sale!

That’s a really valid question with a pretty simple answer. Let’s put it this way: you dress for success, don’t you? Well, shouldn’t you do the same for your home when you’re selling it? Because that’s essentially what home staging is: dressing up your home so that it goes from house for sale to house sold as quickly and profitably as possible. So why is home staging important?  Basically, if you want your house to looks it’s best for potential buyers.

Staged Houses For Sale Sell Faster!

Statistics show that houses for sale that are staged, sell faster and for more money than those that aren’t. Why is that, you ask? Because by staging a house, you’re transforming it into an object of desire! That’s why so many real estate agents work with professional home stagers, because it’s not about fixing the leaky ceiling or caulking the bathtub. It’s about taking that plain Jane house for sale and turning it into Marilyn Monroe.

Home Staging Takes Work, But It’s Worth It!

It takes a lot of work to stage a house properly, which is why it’s usually left in the hands of experienced professionals who know how to bring out the best in every room. By using various accessories, like plants, rugs, lighting, etc., a professional home stager can transform a relatively uninspired house for sale into a warm, comfortable and desirable home for sale. Dawna Johnson, owner of Sacramento Staging Solutions, warns that a house for sale that’s not staged may stay on the market for much longer than one that is. And the statistics back her up. According to a survey done by Stagedhomes.com, on average staged houses spent 11 days on the market as opposed to 22 days for homes that were not staged.

Some of the other good reasons to stage a house for sale include:

  • Staged homes look better on the Internet. 80% of clients look at Internet listings before they even contact a real estate agent
  • Staged homes make great first impressions on buyers. Most homebuyers need only 90 seconds to make their minds up on whether or not they will consider your home
  • Staged homes leave a lasting impression. Potential buyers will remember how beautiful the home looked
  • Staged homes come across as better maintained
  • Agents know that staged homes show better and are more likely to show them more often
  • Staging a home makes it easier for potential buyers to imaging living in the home themselves

Prices for home staging vary but for the most part, it’s money well spent. So if your house is for sale and you haven’t already done so, speak to your real estate agent about staging your home and see who they might be able to recommend.

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