Are Women The Driving Force Behind Real Estate?

by Sundaybell on December 2, 2011

There’s no denying that there is a glass ceiling for women who want to advance in business.  But in the world of real estate, that glass ceiling shattered long ago, and women have become a driving force in the home buying and selling market.

Across the United States, there are more female real estate agents then men in almost every state.  In Mississippi and Oklahoma, there are 64% more women working as real estate agents then men.  And while male real estate agents tend to list more homes at a time, female REALTORS® have higher list prices for their homes.

There are several reasons why women dominate the real estate market:

1. Relationships

The real estate market is driven by relationships, and while men are often more transaction-oriented, women are more relationship-oriented.  Women tend to be more patient, listening to their client’s needs and nurturing long-term relationships. And with a larger number of homebuyers being women, those buyers like to work with women, driving up the demand for female real estate agents.

2. Balance

Women have found a niche for themselves in the real estate market because it’s a career that gives them the flexibility in their schedules to make a very good living while still being there when the kids get home from school.  Women are also good at balancing multiple priorities at one time, an asset in the world of real estate agents.

3. Money

With the skills they bring to the table, women with drive and determination can make a significant amount of money in real estate, on a schedule that still gives them time for their homes, families and interests.  It is a good career choice that doesn’t mean having to leave your children with a nanny, miss important family events or give up your own hobbies and interests for the sake of your job.

And although it seems that there are more female real estate agents out there, it’s still important to interview each agent as an individual as gender shouldn’t be the driving factor for your decision on who to work with.

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