AgentBlasters® BuyerBlasters® SelectAnAgent® and ReferralBlasters®

Sundaybell Inc. offers a variety of tools to real estate agents, real estate buyers or sellers including AgentBlasters® BuyerBlasters® SelectAnAgent® and ReferralBlasters®, to interact anonymously and evaluate their services or needs based on these communications.

AgentBlasters® BuyerBlasters® SelectAnAgent®

AgentBlasters® BuyerBlasters® SelectAnAgent® are free services that offer real estate agents, real estate sellers and real estate buyers the opportunity to communicate their profile (i.e. their needs including information such as type of property, price range, fee structure for commission or flat fee, services required and other pertinent information outlining the details of what services the user may be looking for from a real estate agent) anonymously to all (and/or specific/selected/requested) real estate professionals through the Sundaybell Website. Once profiled, the Sundaybell Website will create a unique username and password that will be emailed to each individual user confirming their profile details. At this point, once enabled with a user name and password, each user will be identified as a real estate Buyer (hereinafter "Buyer Account") real estate Seller (hereinafter "Seller Account" and real estate Agent (hereinafter "Agent Account") with a unique 'name' allowing full use of the AgentBlasters® or SelectAnAgent® or BuyerBlasters® tool allowing real estate buyers and/or sellers to contact and potentially connect with real estate professional(s)/agent(s) who may be interested in them as a potential customer through the United States of America and Canada.


ReferralBlasters® is a service provided to real estate professionals/agents that have paid for a premium membership.

Real estate professionals/agents are required to provide their profile including information such as full name, brokerage firm, license number as well as additional information pertaining to the services that they are willing to provide real estate buyers and/or real estate sellers and the types of properties that they can offer assistance with to the real estate seller and/or real estate buyer. If a real estate professional/ agent wishes to connect with a potential real estate buyer and/or real estate seller, Sundaybell Inc. does not assume responsibility for the actions of the users of the Sundaybell Website and cannot guarantee a successful business relationship, contract or agreement or fees for service as a result of a connection. It is the real estate professional/agent's obligation to evaluate a potential real estate buyer and/or real estate seller and determine solely if such potential Customer is viable and represents a business opportunity.

ReferralBlasters® provides premium members with the opportunity of communicating with other real estate professionals/agents via the Sundaybell Website in order to refer potential Customers to other professionals within the United States and Canada. When referring potential real estate buyers and/or real estate sellers to real estate professionals, it is the real estate professional's obligation to provide accurate and complete information pertaining to the potential real estate buyer and/or real estate seller to other real estate professionals/agents who may be interested in dealing with such real estate buyers and/or real estate sellers. The purchasing real estate professional/agent must confirm their interest in purchasing such information and it is their sole responsibility to ensure accuracy of all information provided. Sundaybell Inc. is not responsible for the release of any real estate buyer and/or real estate seller's personal information as the real estate professional is required to obtain consent prior to the release of any and all personal information and it is the sole responsibility of the referring real estate professional/agent to acquire consent prior to such action. While communicating via the Sundaybell Website, the referring real estate professionals' information will be provided to the recipient real estate professional by indicating name, profile including property details or interest, and brokerage company. Until such time that the recipient real estate professional agrees to 'connect' and purchase the information, personal information such as full name, phone number and email address of the referring agent will not be released; and cannot be released until such time that the referring agent chooses to release such information.