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How Does it Work? Take the Tour!

Sundaybell is a great way to meet, interview and connect with your ideal real estate agent.
It's free, easy to use and best of all, can help save you money! So, how does it work?
Click on the steps below to find out.


If you are looking for help or just want to learn more about the differences between brokers, REALTORS® and full service real estate agents, the services offered, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) options and how much it might cost, Sundaybell is the right place to get started.

  • Once you profile yourself, Sundaybell will match you with agents you specifically request (i.e. top agents in your area), or real estate agents in your area that can best meet your needs
  • Correspond anonymously with agents and ask the questions you want answered – negotiate before meeting face-to-face
  • Learn about your options: what real estate services you may or may not want
  • Decide who you want to work with, without any "sales" pressure
  • Save money! Don't pay for services you don't want. Discuss what you want to pay during your anonymous negotiation


Create My Profile

When you create your profile, you become a member of Sundaybell. Your profile tells us what you're looking for in terms of real estate agent services, the type of property you're dealing with and if you're buying or selling, etc. It gives us the information that we need to match you with real estate agents that can best assist you.

  • It only takes a few minutes of your time to complete (and you can learn a lot along the way)
  • Helpful Hints during the process will assist in answering some of the questions you might have
  • And best of all: the service is FREE! Buyers and Sellers never pay to use Sundaybell
  • And remember you're anonymous until you decide which real estate agents you want to meet


Create My Profile

In only a few minutes you'll be good to go!

  • Once completed, submit your profile
  • Receive your Sundaybell account activation email with your username, password and activation link
  • Click on the activation link and be taken directly to your personal page to see which of our innovative tools Sundaybell recommends you use in your search (or choose on your own)


Create My Profile

Depending on your profile information, Sundaybell will recommend the tool we think is best suited for your search. However, this is only a recommendation; you can choose to use any tool you like.

  • Know which agents you want to correspond with? Use SelectAnAgent® to have Sundaybell contact them on your behalf
  • Don't know any agents in your area? Use AgentBlasters® to connect with agents that match your profile!
  • Looking for a property in a specific area? Use BuyerBlasters® to let agents in the area know what you are looking for


Create My Profile

Once you decide which tool you would like to use, Sundaybell will send out your anonymous profile to the real estate agents in the area.

  • Agents will have the chance to review your profile and determine if they would like to work for you
  • Your profile will be sent via the tool you choose (matching agents will be able to respond)
  • You can review what agents are offering and negotiate completely anonymously until you are 100% comfortable with their proposed service offering
  • You will know who the agents are: but they won't know who you are until you release your personal information to them


Create My Profile

Determine through your correspondences, which agents you think you might want to work with.

  • Review their offering
  • Ensure they can answer all your questions
  • Negotiate services and price with as many as you like (to ensure you are getting the best deal)
  • Connect with up to 3 agents at a time

In North America, the average person will interview 2.6 agents prior to making a decision on who to use: with Sundaybell, you can negotiate with as many as you like up until the time you are ready to meet them. And, when you are ready to meet, you can release your personal information to 1 agent (or up to 3): so that when you do finally meet, you know you have the right person working for you.


Create My Profile


Want to see how it works, watch the video: